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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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“A great majority of the so-called educated people do not think logically and scientifically. Even the press, the classroom, the platform, and the pulpit in many instances do not give us objective and unbiased truths. To save man from the morass of propaganda, in my opinion, is one of the chief aims of education. Education must enable one to sift and weigh evidence, to discern the true from the false, the real from the unreal, and the facts from the fiction. The function of education, therefore, is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.”  - Martin Luther King Jr., 1947

Education....has produced a vast population able to read but
unable to distinguish what is worth reading.
- George Trevelyan

The State of Western Academia
Updated: 11/17/2020

President Eisenhower rightfully warned us about the military-industrial complex. Someone of equal stature should have warned us about the educational-union complex, which is far more insidious in its affect on society.

Don’t think that I have been a follower of Rush Limbaugh or that I have even listened to him except incidentally when he was being interviewed on another serious talk show program. But he agrees with me on this issue without even having half of the rationale that I do. I quote:

“Western academia is broken."

If you’ve been following the planetary catastrophe/Electric Universe movement, then you probably agree that the American, and indeed the Western system of higher education has been broken for quite some time. Rogue feminist Camille Paglia has spoken at great length about the false and deceptive path that colleges have gone down since the 1960s. She explains that, breaking from the largely honest and truly rebellious spirit of freedom which won the day in the 60s, the movement more or less drugged itself out of existence. Her peers slowly ruined their minds by abusing LSD or other psychedelics, and all of the meaningful intellectuals washed out. This, she says, created the power vacuum that a kind of corporate class of academics needed to move in and take administrative positions in colleges.”

These institutions are imponderable bastions for all that matters to them
–power, orthodoxy, status, political influence. security, economic comfort–
and yet they are aflame with fashionable, liberal social causes.

I have news for Rush: It's worse than broken,. it's turned into an existential intellectual threat, at least for America, because it is sucking the lifeblood out of each new generation by sending them deeply into debt, and for a pitifully poor quality, inadequate mis-education. Just like De Beers, when with the help of Hollywood they convinced each young woman that she needed a diamond ring to seal the love deal–"A Diamond is forever"–"higher education" has convinced America that you need to go to college in order to be "finished"– educated cultured and successful. But America is waking up to the debt problem at least, if not the poor quality of the product.

What Rush doesn’t get and few others do is that these institutions–EXCEPT for the more mundane technical, business, management, literary, clerical, etc., TRAINING–have been corrupted at a deeper level down to their FUNDAMENTAL/soul, not just their politically correct soul, nor even their science soul. They have been taken over by people that have a strong bias for truth being transitory and relative. In their mind it’s all relative, and you can’t both “live” well and sort it out very meaningfully. And what does it matter anyway? This attitude indicates a loss of the philosophical and spiritual soul!

One of the developments is an almost complete fragmentation of learning into discrete compartments that overlap only a little. There is no vision nor desire to produce men that can INTEGRATE things very much, especially into a sensible, comprehensive big picture. Why would you even TRY to do that? It is presumed that that is now NOT possible, and presumptuous to try.

I learned most, not from those who taught me but
from those who talked with me.
- Saint Augustine

Psychological Violation of Require versus Inspire

Why is it not more widely understood that human beings are designed to live under inspiration, not demand backed up by punishment or failure? Ask any competent psychologist or philosopher! The prevailing mentality in the industry from top to bottom is designed to "require" instead of "inspire". This is nothing short of arcane and medieval. Where is the administrative approach to select teachers PRIMARILY on their ability to inspire the students, who NATURALLY WANT TO LEARN because it is obviously in their own best interest? This is NOT rocket science!

Every teacher, professor, or tutor should address his pupils by claiming to be a servant, a guide present to HELP the student learn but not to demand or require. If the student is not available to be inspired, he should be removed and put into a different environment. Grading should be a two-way street for both the teacher and the student, and should be done independently of the teacher, and based on results. Currently, MANY students are moved along inn secondary or high scchool all the way to graduation WITHOUT having achieved competency. THIS IS NOT WORKING!

Abandonment of Philosophy

Modern academia has not structured its education and curriculum around philosophy AS IT SHOULD, but rather has featured or focused more narrowlyon technical education and career preparation. Today, many feel that formal philosophy is arcane and unnecessary, and more than one leading influential figure like Stephen Hawking has denounced it as irrelevant, ostensibly because science is thought to be "real" and pragmatic, and philosophy theoretical and impractical.

Thus they have all but abandoned real philosophy that produces sterling, humanity expanding principles in epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics; real philosophy that produces wisdom that one can be sure of, and relegated it to being a somewhat interesting but arcane realm of academic study, mostly a left-over from earlier, less advanced days.

Unfortunately, the day of the philosopher in Western society has passed and no single group today serves the function of surveying the totality of knowledge and trying to bring it into a coherent and simple explanation.  - Vine Deloria, Red Earth, White Lies: Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact

They have also done a Dracula job on history, drained the drama and philosophical life-blood out of it, and made it into a mere uninspiring academic requirement of learning facts and information. If you don't understand and reveal the philosophy or mindset behind the social and political movements of the past, how can you ever learn lessons from history? I have to admit that when I was in my college years, I had no appreciation for nor interest in learning history. No one set the study of it in a context that transcended mere academic achievement and stimulated my interest, which they easily COULD have done.

On the compromise between real education and schooling:

"This is a nightmare world we've backed ourselves into here, and it does produce a high degree of state revenue and state stability.  So if you want to trade liberty, free will, and human variety for safety and comfort–that's what the trade is". - John Taylor Gatto

Academic Theology

The ignorant and ignrore'ant theological seminaries teach various traditions and let the real understanding of ancient times and the ultimate issues lie fallow. They no longer have the stomach for conflict with "Science", and generally accept its pronouncements and circumspectly keep their teaching within these limits.  They are overly concerned with "academic" accreditation, when the only real sign of a valid form of it is producing men that can think critically, integrate their knowledge and make a positive spiritual impact, and hence bestir society into reform leading to greater nobility and unity.

Academic Science Influence

Astronomy, the queen of the sciences, is still largely associated with the universities and has significant influence on societal thinking, but it is a wasteland because it has gone almost completely into "scientific" mysticism. It has clung to the gravity-centric paradigm, and has rejected the Electric Universe paradigm. It has had to fabricate exotic, esoteric constructs, and is now mostly concerned with the sensational: a Big Bang, black holes, dark matter, dark energy, and thus keeping itself funded. It has left the real world behind, so much so, that one wonders why they use telescopes anymore. Why don't astrophysicists just eliminate looking at natural reality altogether and emulate their great hero, Stephen Hawking, and just use their imagination supported by computers to model reality? Why don't they just completely abandon truly scientif reality checks and focus on developing more algorithms to generate the necessary information to fill in the gaps?

Sir Fred Hoyle has commented that academics
generally will not read papers they disagree with.

People with real vision that even have the potential to actually see how bad it is in academe have been winnowed out in a dozen effective ways. There is not a chance that any reformer could get through the micro-pore filter in place today and make an impact! And, not a chance that any significant world changing truth could get through either. These institutions are imponderable bastions for all that matters to them–power, orthodoxy, status, political influence. security, economic comfort–and yet they are aflame with fashionable, liberal social causes.

Spiritually and/or intellectually, academia has long since transferred its faith to the new religion of scientism. They legitimately stopped listening to sacred-text-authority-based theologians and only illegitimately transitioned over to the “revolutionaries” in science, Darwin, Einstein, Bohr, etc. They have overwhelmingly settled into a world view of gradualism, uniformitarianism, materialism, evolutionism, and scientifically acceptable mysticism where mere randomness and chance play a major role in how the universe unfolds. It should be noted that there is little if any meaningful difference between randomness and chance versus the purpose and control of a “Who-can-know-thy-ways" Creator or God. .

A university is a place where men of principle
outnumber men of honor
. - Ernest May

If they are not passionate scientism believers, these are the kinds of administrators and department heads that you can invite to an Electric Universe Conference. They will come and listen for what all the fuss is about. But what they conclude is that it is just another not very well supported take, just another possibility fostered by fervent enthusiasts. This one  is out there with a myriad of others; always with the possibility that one of these “fringe hypotheses” that haven’t been fleshed out, verbalized and promoted well, or "accepted", may exceed the plethora of the ones that have already been adopted.

But nothing to get too excited about, one way or another. These kinds of things come and go. EU theory? It makes some good points, is mildly interesting and maybe even remotely possible, but nothing to risk a career over. Saturnian Reconstruction? That’s hardly even remotely possible, and not worth talking about, taking seriously, or especially risking departmental cohesiveness nor academic political approval. Meanwhile, that’s just the Physics Department’s problem. Take any serious responsibility for fostering a relevant truth? You’ve got to be kidding! Why would you DO that? Introduce a culture and material that stimulates students to think? Why would you do THAT? The modern zeitgeist doesn't need revolutionaries but rather functioning, cooperating sycophants!

What they DO take seriously is their careers and professional acceptability. They may mildly disapprove of the heavy influence of and emphasis on sports for their institution, but these are little more than comfortable bureaucrats or academic apparatchiks. They are politically astute and carry around an acceptable socio/political/religious posture. They may not be entirely uncaring and may even have fashionably a minor cause that they espouse and foster to show they are socially concerned. If something like the EU ever does tend to prevail, they can always say, “Oh yes, I looked into that years ago and found it to be quite interesting, but didn’t have the time to really pursue it.”

Government replacing God

Not the least of the underlying problems that may rival the worst is something that afflicts society in general. Fewer and fewer people actually believe in the active or direct involvement of God anymore, and have either put their faith in institutions that He is supposedly using, or they have lost any "faith" all together. In the USA the most powerful institution is the federal government, and increasingly citizens are transferring their faith from religions, the private sector and themselves to it. The federal government has become the de facto "God" of last resort for many. It's not as if the current "God" need not be replaced, but government by professional politicians is a VERY poor substitute.

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire,
a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment
should it be left to irresponsible action.
- George Washington

Setting aside the fact that the terms "conservative" and Liberal have changed over time as governments have transitioned to being more secular, from one angle it simply comes down to this: If you understand what Washington is saying above, then you will be "conservative", wanting to limit the involvement of government to the basics, and you will be on guard against its unwarranted growth and the spread of its involvement. If you think government is benevolent or benign, then you will be "liberal", wanting to have government manage more and more of the business of public life with greater encroachment into private life. It must be said that universally, probably all governments THINK of themselves as benevolent, but the evidence is clearly against this. The conundrum is that the more effective the government is, the greater the temptation to want to get it more involved. That is one of the many "no-win" situations that we face in the human condition.

Of course there are other factors and elements such as loss of basic principles like personal sovereignty, equality and responsibility, but Liberalism leads inexorably to socialism, communism, and fascism. Government is now heavily involved in academe, which has become HEAVILY slanted to liberalism. This growth of government involvement with the world of academia is like cancer; once it metastasizes, it is only a matter of time before it kills the host.

Yet, maybe I am mistaken in my perspective. Maybe it’s been like this much longer than Rush, Camille, and I realize!

See: Bullying Nagel

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