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Then Solomon built a high place for Chemosh,... and for Molech (Saturn). 1 Kings 11:7

How Much Time?

Chronos (Saturn), marker of time. But how much time? Dr. Robert Bass introduces two of the more straightforward indicators for the outside limit of the age of the biosphere, as it is now generally constituted, being in the range of tens of thousands of years. See: Age Limits of Biosphere

One other powerful, very simple and significant indicator is the decline or decay of the earth's magnetic field. This is seldom talked about, but the earth's magnetic field has been carefully measured and recorded for some centuries now. The curve of the decay when projected back just 2000 years gives a value that is 3 times as great. In "geologic" time scales this is a mere moment and an incredibly huge rate of decay. If projected back just 25,000 years, this curve gives values that are unacceptably high.

One crude yet simple indicator that there was a major upheaval within the last 10,000 years is the salinity increase rate for the Dead Sea which gives values of about 5000-6000 years.

Another not so crude, yet simple, fairly reliable and low tech indicator is the rate of erosion for the Niagara  river flowing over its escarpment and producing Niagara Falls. The river has eroded back a bowl shaped basin, and the rate of erosion has long been measured by the native American before the settlement of Europeans started to keep track of it. Using the established rate of erosion–it should have been greater in the beginning–and the depth of the bowl, doing the simple math and projecting back gives an origin of about 5000-6000 years ago, The simple premise is that this vertical escarpment was formed in a major catastrophe, with the river flowing over it since. See: Geology of the Niagara Falls Escarpment

Along the same lines as the Niagara Falls indicator–simple, reliable and low-tech–is the rate of erosion of the sandstone bluff along the deep trench or crustal crack running along the Southwestern edge of Whidbey Island, Washington USA. Again, the simple premise is that this deep crack in the surface of the earth lying off shore of the island–now used as a major shipping channel into Seattle–was formed in a major catastrophe, and the bluff has been eroding at a substantial and easily verified rate since its inception. There used to be a paved road along the edge and it is now all but gone. The simple math of dividing the erosion rate into the distance of the current bluff to the edge of the trench gives values in between 5000-6000 years,

The point is that essentially all cosmologists have proposed some kind of astral catastrophism, but generally insist that these catastrophes happened eons ago, buttressing their position with questionable dating methods, and counting on inertia to hold their world view together. But if major upheavals happened within human memory, it is now time to listen with an open mind to what ancient peoples have to say on the subject.

For a perspective on how little is legitimate or settled as to longer term dating, see:

How Long Ago?

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