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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Gospel of Thomas 17: Jesus said, "I shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to the human mind."

The Premise Concerning Christianity
Updated: 12/06/2020

"Ever since science began drifting away from religion, centuries ago, each has dreamed of subsuming the other. Scientists, in their boldest moments, speak of explaining away all the mysteries by empirical inquiry, leaving no need for ancient wisdom.
   And the faithful, fervently believing in spiritual forces immeasurable by any meter, find it absurd that God's children would aspire to heaven solely by building telescopes and computers--scientific Towers of Babel. They have longed for a reality beyond the shadowplay of the material realm.
   Left between these extremes are many people who are both scientific and religious, and confused about whether a bridge can ever cross the divide. Every few decades, this hope for reconciliation, or "dialogue," experiences a revival. - George Johnson, "New York Times" July, 1998 See: Science and Religion

The growing number of people that Johnson is talking about don't even consider that the J-person provides any real answers to why God is not more involved in our world today. Why should they? Christendom has had its run for more than a dozen centuries, and essentially come up lacking with a credible rationale for taking the buried-in-myth figurehead seriously.

The primary context that MUST be addressed by the honest, truth-seeking person is that it has been over 1300[*] years since Jesus walked on earth and made this and other fabulous promises. Christianity has made its mark on the world and gone through many changes, but nothing significant has happened to change the human condition.

The premise that MUST be entertained in order to appreciate this site is that all of the world's religious thinking is largely wrong on the core or paradigm level, INCLUDING that of Christianity. If you cannot entertain this premise then probably much of the material on this site will be objectionable or be an affront to your current belief.

Jeshua--a truer name for the J-person--didn't even begin his public ministry until the age of about 35 years, apparently when he became spiritually mature. His suffering and death represented not something inevitable, nor INITIALLY called for, but rather required by the FAILURE of mankind at the time to open the mind and understand his message and his Gospel.

Given that this site accepts that there is a creator worthy to be called God, and that the person generally referred to as Jesus was the beginning creator, the site is an earnest attempt to explicate the truth that is all important. Even if you can only halfway entertain the premise, and given that you are grounded in intellectual responsibility, the material on the site may lead you to be convinced of its validity. A secondary premise is that Christianity, developed by the disciples and Paul, did not GO astray but NEVER WAS on the right track. See What Went Wrong?

I am an atheist, thank God! - Anon

The facts that support the premise are simple and stark. The information that supports the premise is multifarious in the extreme. Certain other lamentable aspects are:

These points support the premise and are also telling us to wake up and admit it.

Further Rationale for the Premise

One rationale is that Christianity is reductionist in that it reduces issues and beliefs down to simplistic levels. An extreme example:

When Simon de Montfort was readying to attack the town of Albi to exterminate the 'heretics:', he was told that half the people in the town were good Catholics, de Montfort replied: “Kill them all. God will recognize His own.”

Given the basic facts mixed with beliefs that the "church" must be purified, heretics must be expunged, heresy is like cancer, everybody dies anyway, all will be resurrected, these heretics had already been given the chance to recant, they would all be spared further vicissitudes of life in a fallen world, God forgives sins of ignorance, etc., the logic of de Montfort is unassailable.

Other aspects are:

1. Human Misery Continued: Consider 2000[*] years in traditional chronology of unspeakable human misery engendered by the ravages of nature–this period has NOT been free from astral catastrophes, at least comet-induced ones–in terms of famine and pestilence, horrific geophysical events like earthquakes and volcanoes, and damaging effects from storms and floods; AND the savagery of war and conquest; not to mention the more common and mundane struggle for food, clothing and shelter, safety, security and comfort. Mix in the struggle for health amid a plethora of genetic problems, diseases and accidents, all the while seemingly not having a chance against aging and encroaching feebleness of mind and body while the grim reaper approaches at an accelerating rate. Do you actually believe that there is a God worthy of the term that is comfortable with this for his children? Or one that is too busy attending to something else to pay any effective attention? See: Traditional Advent, Waiting for Godot

2. Jesus not Foundation: Consider that it is well established that Christianity is NOT so much founded upon Jeshua, his message and instructions, and his real-life demonstration, but rather upon the Bible, and/or the NT, especially the thinking of Peter and Paul. See: Twin Pillars of Christendom, Fundamental Mistakes of Christianity

"That the apostle to the Gentiles was a towering figure in primitive Christianity–indeed the real founder of the Church–is certain. But the view that his letters and the rest of the New Testament scriptures represent God's word is a crime against reason and humanity. Studying them today should make us recognize that such thinking offers no useful key to the future. Their image of God cannot claim the respect of nonbelievers..." Gerd Ludemann, Free Inquiry, April-May, 2007 p. 31

3. False Framework of Judaism: The framework or paradigm of Christendom is one that has been adopted from Judaism and that has been remodeled by the attempt to fit Jeshua into it. Thus, Jeshua has been FRAMED BY the Old Testament prophets and the religion of the culture in which he was born and lived. However, the fact that he came into this culture does NOT necessarily put God's stamp of approval onto it. See: Jesus has been misframed, Basic Christendom Mistakes

4. Lack of Unity: Not the least of the reasons for accepting our disturbing premise is the lack of Christian unity. Jeshua called for unity among his followers in the most eloquent and profound manner and mode available in the language and communication emphasis techniques of his time. Of course, such unity MUST include the paradigm, purpose, values and core beliefs. With its myriad denominations, "orders", and sects, Christendom not only seriously fails in this regard, but the trend is one of further fragmentation. See: The Case for Unity

5. Christian idolatry: It is amazing and distressing that there seems to be so little understanding of what constitutes idolatry. Idols do not have to be carved out of wood or stone in the likeness of some ancient planet-god. The modern Christian forms of idolatry are legion, while being more subtle but nonetheless still widespread and spiritually paralyzing. Idolatry is commensurate with worshipping anything that cannot deliver the full measure of sustenance and enhancement of life that God has available. WHY do we think that Popes, Cardinals, Elders, preachers or evangelists can deliver these basic needs and desires, that the delivery is channeled through them, or that their core understanding is sound?
    ALL of the forms and trappings of Christendom–rituals, rites, ceremonies, liturgy, relics, symbols, sacraments, pageantry, icons, traditions, "sacred structures", statuary, etc., including the endless, mindless prayers and much of the artwork, music, and liturgy distract the people from the real issues. Even the organizations and appointed leadership generally serve as low-grade idols. And of course, the great idol for protestants is the Bible considered as the word of God. See: Christian Idolatry

6. Violation of Meaning: Misunderstandings of Jeshua's examples, claims, instructions, parables, vision, terminology and message are rampant. Really basic ones are:

Hypocrisy  See: Hypocrisy
Sin and forgiveness  See: Sin Paradigm, Meaning of Word SinForgiveness: A new Understanding
The real Gospel  See:  Imminent Immortality
Understanding God  See: Jesus on Understanding God
Devil and Satan  See: The Devil and Satan
Conditional promises
  See: Unlimited Promise in Unity
Disciples sealed in the truth  See: The 12 Disciples
Authority figures and hierarchies  See: Call no man teacher, Who is the greatest?
Martyrs and martyrdom  See John the Baptist Syndrome
The Lazarus enigma: See  Weeping for Lazarus
Unauthorized Prayer  See: The Lord's Prayer

7. Overlooking Eyewitness Accounts: There are two eyewitness accounts concerning Jeshua and his message written by two of the closest disciples, those being the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Thomas. The importance of these two eyewitness accounts and their intrinsic superior authority can hardly be over-emphasized, yet it is significantly discounted at best, and more usually worse, dismissed. The validity of the Gospel of John was even unanimously rejected by the so-called Jesus Seminar Group, and the Gospel of Thomas isn't even included in the New Testament canon. The real "Gospel Truth" is found and emphasized in these compatible accounts, yet is hardly referenced at all in the Synoptic Gospels and is absent in the balance of the New Testament.

8. Inclusion of Hebrew Dogma: Moses as spokesman for God, the Ten Commandments, the Torah and Law, and the Messiah doctrine.

9. Inclusion of Greek Mystery Religion: Inclusion of Greek mystery religious/myth elements, Mariology as version of goddess worship

10. Gospel Translation Failure: Failure to produce a translation of the Gospels and the words of Jeshua that is accurate and that ADEQUATELY reflects a sensible consistency in the meaning of the actions and message.

One pervasive question should be kept in mind: Why did Jeshua say anything to us if it were not meant to be understood?

All in all, isn't this much more than sufficient to entertain the premise?

[*]  The 2000 years is the approximate value within the existing standard chronology. It is NOT a fact, but is a conclusion based on VERY problematic information. Much seminal work has been done on the C.E. chronology timeline, and the site author instead finds good reason to accept the value of approximately 1300 years in the revised chronology. Still a time much too long for humans to be languishing in our deplorable condition.

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