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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Almost everything that happened in 2020 was done in bad taste, or under
false pretenses, outright lies, or self-serving delusions.
- Bill Bonner

Building the Foundation of Belief
Last Updated06/15/2021

The Four Cornerstones

The first cornerstone of approach in building a belief system  concerning ultimate issues HAS to be Intellectual Responsibility, which presupposes that whatever we believe or accept as true and valid MUST be:

  1. Rational--must not violate the facts
  2. Logical--must not violate logic
  3. Reasonable--must not violate reason

To not have this as the PRIMARY foundational approach means that whatever we build is suspect and unworthy--specifically: irrational, illogical  or unreasonable. It means also that we must take PERSONAL responsibility for what we choose to believe, letting NO other agency usurp our spiritual sovereignty in this regard. No other criterion can come before this one!

The Second Cornerstone

 that we are going to build upon is Yeshua--the J-person--BECAUSE no other source or spokesman can compare to the beauty, elegance and grandeur of His Good News, which was backed up by a life DEMONSTRATION! The demonstration was  not just theory or words, but was the COMBINATION of his loving spirit and grace, his teaching and message, his behavior and actions, the power implicit in his always constructive miracles, and ultimately by the price that he willingly paid to have his message of imminent salvation validated for the fallen unbelievers under the human condition.

The Third Cornerstone

However, we do not have the J-person here to converse with and canvass directly; we ONLY have passages of text written in an ancient foreign language. Thus, the third cornerstone in our foundation HAS to be a correct and valid translation of the ancient text. Given what we know about translation stagnation--translators and Bible publishers are reticent to stray too far from the King James version--we need to cast off the pecuniary concerns and start afresh.

The Fourth Cornerstone

The fourth cornerstone HAS to be development of the proper and valid paradigm, because the paradigm controls how we fit the pieces together. Fortunately, the J-person in some of his parables clearly suggested a new paradigm to be necessary.

At the close of the year designated as 2020 C.E. it is at least 700+ years since the great demonstration, and we may yet hear the "Obviously not!" built into the woeful rhetorical question posed by the Godhood Demonstrator, "When the Son of Man passes, will he find true belief on the earth?" Yet, NO mainstream Christian development of which I am aware suggests the negative answer to the question! Nothing much has since changed. Not only are we still under the appalling human condition but we are in the throes of another global pandemic and the meltdown of America's founding principles. Can anyone wake up and see that this is NOT working in terms of being good news?

Thus, the IFISEEU site is doing a rebuild; this time being more careful and intellectually responsible, especially in avoiding undue reliance upon tradition and mythology. Let's critically examine every piece of material before it gets incorporated and INTEGRATED. This time let's "build on the Rock" with sound materials and let the Godhood Demonstrator suggest the paradigm.

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