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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"For since it is in the very nature of man to follow the guide of reason in his actions, if his intellect sins at all his will soon follows; and thus it happens that looseness of intellectual opinion influences human actions and perverts them. Whereas, on the other hand, if men be of sound mind and take their stand on true and solid principles, there will result a vast amount of benefits for the public and private good." - Pope Leo XIII

Modern Mythology
Updated: 05/27/2021

An ancient mythology is not a system based on fiction nor is it a system of factual history, but IS a highly "spiritually stylized" cultural story based on actual events and entities. Ancient Man built, from momentous and dreadful planetary activities witnessed in the ancient sky, colorful mythologies involving passionate humanoid and animal gods that purposed, loved, hated, envied, designed, created, made war and rained electrical destruction with thunderbolts upon other planet gods including the earth. Creation, destruction, drama, intrigue, violence and pathos, lots of drama.

Their mythical creation may have been intellectually irresponsible but in their mindset these planet-based gods could be dealt with to some degree. They could be influenced, motivated and placated. They were tangibly visible, at times somewhat immanent, eminently and imminently relevant. When the planetary players withdrew from being easily visible in the sky, these mythologies began to diffuse and fade somewhat from significance.

The Unveiling and Revealing

Using the generally accepted chronology of 2000 (probably false to a major degree and closer to 1300) years ago, along came the man that has influenced the world more than any other. His claim was that he came from beyond to be born as the son of God on earth, and came not to condemn the world (cosmos) but to save it. His message, taken at face value, was an inspirational one of fulfillment,  freedom, empowerment, equality, immortality, community, and service from god. His requirements for ultimate success and salvation were simple and reasonable: to seek the truth, listen to him, and to recognize and accept the truth in his message. As in, "My yoke is pleasant, my burden is light" and "It is the MEANING of the message that gives life."

Not at all like the prevailing concepts of God at the time, he was humble yet with mettle, accepting, compassionate, personable, and non-judgmental except for hypocrisy–he came down hard on hypocrisy. Hypocrisy in his time meant operating as a puppet or actor, only pretending to be using judgment and critical thinking. It implied lacking in judgment or careless in critical thinking comparable to being willfully vapid and stupid. He could perform marvelous, in-support-of-life miracles; all the while eschewing the trappings of earthly authority, power, religion, riches and acclaim.

His focus was acute, always representing God and not getting into politics, non-relevant philosophy nor dealing in mundane disputes, not even giving good advice in over more than a hundred important aspects of our lives. While being born into and living in one of the most intractable racist cultures on earth, he was completely free from race-based prejudice, and he mingled with, talked to, ministered to, and healed persons from all cultures that he encountered. Along with all this and with his dying and resurrection being attested by his followers, he became the progenitor and masthead of the world's largest and most influential religion, Christianity.

The Great Amalgamation

Unfortunately, unhappily, tragically, maybe one could say almost naturally or inevitably for the intellectually irresponsible, spiritually careless humans, this pristine and stunning revelation got amalgamated with the prevailing mythologies of the various cultures then extant, especially Judaism and the Greek mystery religions. The meaning of his message got reoriented to a great degree into the prevailing, myth-based belief systems of his followers, who did not take him seriously enough to really get their heads into listening to him.

One result was the 33,000 variations of generally institutionally centered  Christianity that we have today. Another was the more mystically oriented thinking, generally called Gnosticism. The former is based more on the thinking of the ignorant fisherman Peter and the more theologically erudite Pharisee Paul than on the proclamations of Yeshua and the implications of his deeds. This unholy alliance has fragmented into numerous denominations and sects, where an extensive set of dogmas and doctrines, liturgical practices, prophetic interpretations, rites and ceremonies, requirements and strictures have come in and out of favor for the past history since, at least more than a dozen centuries. Related sects associated with Gnosticism were fairly well wiped out by the Roman Christian sword some centuries later from its beginning.

The general end result of these national or imperial organizations when allied with the state was that they became grim systems of repression and oppression, characterized by the church of Rome and the Church of England. Only the hard won, somewhat enlightened ideas and values of humanism have–over time–ameliorated the harsher elements of Judaism and Judeo-Christianity. The world has yet to see this process significantly affect the burgeoning population and tenor of the majority followers of Islam. The key common but misguided concepts of all of the great monotheistic religions of the world are human inferiority to the transcendent creator and submission to the will of this god, rather than to see that the plan or deal offered by Yeshua is so consonant with our own enlightened ideal that there could not possibly be a contest of wills or a concept of "submission" or "surrender" when it is properly understood.

The Suppression/Rejection of Recent Planetary Catastrophe

In the Judeo-Christian world ancient catastrophes are so associated with God that modern believers are loath to associate them with planetary agencies. In these same societies, the non-believers have generally adopted a uniformitarian world view and fear that embracing planetary catastrophe will reinvigorate consideration of a God that they have rejected. This "God" has been marginalized by "science" and they DO NOT want a comeback.

Just as it is of paramount importance for the individual on the road to spiritual integrity to
take "the inward journey" to know himself, it is of equal importance for the human race to reconstruct the true nature of its past, at least those events and experiences that have left such a dramatic imprint on our individual and collective psyches.

It is with this conviction that we continue our investigation of the ancient world, through the study and analysis of myths, rites and symbols, supported by new physical models and cosmology. If the great issues of human origins, purpose of life, evil in the world, and human destiny are showcased in a falsely constructed view of our past, how can any conclusions derived therein be valid?

Watch this video presentation on the effects from the
ancient catastrophes at the end of the Golden Age.
Cultural Shock Carryforward

The Modern Mythology

Rejecting yet reacting to the oppressive religious thinking, Secular Man has now built the modern mythology, which is deemed scientific and which under the aegis of "the science establishment" and academia is marginalizing all the other religions of the world. This mythology squeezes out the involvement of intelligent design, purpose, or a creator completely or as much as possible.

"The official, popularizing versions of the [science] story are very different from mine. According to them the story is heroic, a great human struggle to free ourselves of the shackles of old illusions and confront the one certain truth that it is our particular destiny to grasp. Science, in this view, is a triumphant human progress toward real knowledge of the real world. This is the official view of the school­room and the television spectacular. For me it is nonsensical propaganda which conceals all the important issues. In my version the story is a sad one, a long tale of decline and defeat, of a struggle to hold back the cruel pessimism of science.
     The key to this struggle, it cannot be said too often, is the way in which science forces us to separate our values from our knowledge of the world. Thanks to Newton we cannot discover goodness in the mechanics of the heavens, thanks to Darwin we cannot find it in the phenomenon of life and thanks to Freud we cannot find it in ourselves. The struggle is to find a new basis for goodness, purpose and meaning."  Appleyard, Bryan, Understanding the PresentAnchor Books, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, 1992,  p. 75[*]

This new and much more sterile and impersonal mythology usually begins with an unimaginably violent miracle of miracles called the Big Bang. This paradigm is combined with the one in which the fabric of physical reality is woven from mathematical probability in quantum mechanics. This results in a mode of thinking in which the illogicality of Special and General Relativity leads us into accepting imaginary dark matter and energy, black holes, reified and warped space, and other mind blowing constructs such as the reversibility of time. See Reification.

“The theory (Relativity) is like a beggar clothed in purple, whom ignorant people take for a king… its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists, not scientists…" - Nicola Tesla (1856-1943), New York Times, July 11, 1935

The theories of relativity and lack of an aether are dependent upon:

"The infamous Michelson-Morley measurements cited by Einstein were poorly done, had too short a path length, were plagued by other instrumental problems, and did not consider the possibility that ether could be entrained by the earth." – Miller

More and more people are beginning to understand that modern academia has fabricated this loose assembly of falsities–a modern mythology little better than the primitive ones at which we sneer–concerning the origins of: humans on earth, languages, religions, cosmology, ancient civilizations, and the unsound psychological condition of mankind. Not because of the dictates of “sacred literature’, not because of some mystical revelation does this awareness begin to dawn, but because these unwieldy constructions cannot stand the force of logic and critical thinking applied to the vast amount of evidence and information available out there, because they fail to become integrated into something meaningful that makes sense, and because they fail the simple tests of coherence and consistency. See Origins of Modern Geology

Thus mankind is on the verge of the most sweeping intellectual revolution ever seen in this world. For the first time in history there is now a convergence and reconciliation possible between the worldwide catastrophes the first men on earth tell us they experienced, and a scientifically defensible foundation that this ancient global experience demands–a cosmology called the Electric Universe. When just the framework of it is developed, this reconstruction of ancient times sweeps away the modern mythology, and it will transform our understanding of geology, paleontology, anthropology, biology, etymology, origins, and especially psychology and religion.

On the other hand, the modern mythology is one in which:

  • the creative mind/spirit is replaced with "happy accidents" and random evolution

  • purpose is eliminated as a creative factor and replaced completely with impersonal cause

  • biological thinking has been so narrow and reductionist as to suggest that the plethora of life forms and structures–material and even non-material–is encoded in the chemical structure of DNA

  • intelligent design has been replaced with a mixture of random development and "emergent properties"

  • sociobiology is telling us that all of the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional aspects of life's matrix are driven by and are the end result of the Selfish Gene

  • the only path to empowerment and the betterment of man's condition is through improved and advancing technology

  • there is now, unlike the mythology of old,  no higher power which can be influenced and to which one can appeal

  • there is no ultimate or pre-existing meaning or purpose in the universe

  • meaning and purpose must be entirely fabricated or manufactured by us.

Causative versus Purposive Thinking

"The history of rationalism is equally instructive. The endeavor to understand all processes as the effects of known causes has led to the development of modern science and has gradually expanded over ever-widening fields. The rigid application of the [scientific] method demands the reduction of every phenomenon to its cause. A purpose, a teleological viewpoint, and accident are excluded. It was probably one of the greatest attractions of the Darwinian theory of natural selection that it substituted for a purposive explanation of the origin of life a purely causal one. ....it would be an error to assume that the universal application of rationalism is the final form of thought, the ultimate result which our organism is destined to reach. Opposition to its negation of purpose or its transformation of purpose into cause and to its disregard of accident as influencing the individual phenomenon, is struggling for recognition." - Franz Boas, German-American pioneer anthropologist, Anthropology and Modern Life.

The terse version of the above goes like this: In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded into hydrogen atoms, some of which, given enough time, turned into people that wonder about the meaning of life.  Enough said!?

"Just as once was no appeal from the power of religion without risking damnation, so now there is no appeal from the power of science without risking a charge of irrationality or insanity." – William Irwin Thompson, Passages About Earth

The General Denial by Mainstream Science

To further characterize this soulless modern mythology, it remains adamant about some of its absolutely absurd and disconfirmed claims, such as the invariance and randomness of the radioactive decay rate, the constant speed of light, the absence of an aether, and the universal constant of gravity, among many others. This mythology's followers remain impervious to understanding the electrical force as being the major structuring and energizing agency in the universe as well as the major factor in sculpting the geological formations on the surface of the earth and the other planets. They sling vast amounts of time around as the explanation for otherwise inexplicable developments.

The doctrine that the Earth was of unlimited age
 allowed geologists to explain any phenomenon
not by the laws of physics, but by “reckless drafts
 on the bank of time” (Chamberlin, 1899).

The Denial of Ancient Planetary Catastrophes

Modern Science/Academia will allow almost anything except the prospect of a catastrophist worldview. They have steadfastly buried or ignored the scholarship work of a significant list of modern catastrophist reconstructionists. They remain impenetrable as a bloc to accepting the ancient astral catastrophes attested to by all of the ancient cultures and many chroniclers of eld, largely through the falsity that ancient myth is fiction and one culture's myth is only incidentally related to others. For a more detailed synopsis see Saturn Worship.

The Denial of Modern Catastrophes

Even in modern "enlightened" and more informed times, they remain comfortably in denial when their society buries the newspaper accounts and the truth about the modern cometary catastrophes known as the Great Chicago Fire and The New Madrid Earthquake. They let the fiction prevail that the fire was started by a cow that kicked over a lantern in a barn.  Never mind that a large area covering parts of four states well beyond the confines of Chicago was burned with a fire or plasma hot enough to melt brick and stone, one that killed about 2000 people in the destroyed town of Peshtigo about 200 miles away from the windy city. See: Great Chicago Fire I, Great Chicago Fire II, Great Chicago Fire III

They let the awareness of the New Madrid catastrophe fade completely from our consciousness. The newspaper and eyewitness accounts–including a substantial one by a sitting US Senator–of the modern New Madrid Earthquake catastrophe are buried so deeply that not one out of hundreds of thousands of US citizens have even heard of this astounding cometary catastrophe along the Mississippi River. Never mind that there were prolonged and awesome phenomena in the sky, blue electrical fire ran along the ground, a huge earthquake ensued after many related others, and the great river even ran backwards for a time. Part of the local population of men became so unhinged that they abandoned the women and children and fled while screaming in terror.

Denial of Our Tenuous Biosphere

They remain in denial as to the tenuous hold on biological viability that the earthly biosphere really has, essentially in denial that a major X-class solar flare or a nearby gamma ray burst could sterilize the globe. With enough warning modern man via the aid of our military and space exploration technology might be able to deal with an asteroid on a trajectory of impact, but there is no conceivable way to even ameliorate the effect of the above two scenarios for the greater population.

Here is the distressing point: In spite of what the truth actually is, our human race continually distorts, misrepresents, and sometimes denies it, and fabricates something to fit an erroneous paradigm or a false sense of security. And this for a wide variety of perverse reasons. This is essentially the same theme as to how the J-person was received. The truth can be revealed to us, but we have a remarkable propensity to misunderstand and ignore it, and continue following unworthy concepts.

Those godless humanists now enmeshed in the teachings of the modern mythology do have a point when they rightfully look askance at the past and present tendency of God-oriented religions to foster wars and international conflicts and when they praise him for otherwise obnoxious behavior. But, in the face of a looming, monumental confrontation between Western Christian Civilization and second and third world Islamic cultures, they have practically taken the moral high ground by default.

It seems clear, then, that we are faced with deep and radical fragmentation, as well as thoroughgoing confusion, if we try to think of what could be the reality that is treated by our physical laws.  At present physicists tend to avoid this issue by adopting the attitude that our overall views concerning the nature of reality are of little or no importance.  All that counts in physical theory is supposed to be the development of mathematical equations that permit us to predict and control the behaviour of large statistical aggregates of particles.  Such a goal is not regarded as merely for its pragmatic and technical utility: rather, it has become a presupposition of most work in modern physics that prediction and control of this kind is all that human knowledge is about. - David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1980 P. xiii.

So, welcome to the new dead-ended world of Existentialism, Positivism, materialism and meaninglessness where the major alternative is to submit and bow down to a self absorbed nightmare controller in the sky who is not meaningfully involved except on a capricious level or for a few people having mystical experiences. A control freak Power-That-Be who is willing and planning to literally burn forever in an unfathomable macabre realm called Hell those humans who do not conform to his will or otherwise don't qualify for being saved in a special part of the cosmos called Heaven. Perhaps even the modern mythology is preferable to these barbaric concepts, but NONE of the above has ANYTHING to do with the message of J-person.


[*] "Thanks to Newton we cannot discover goodness in the mechanics of the heavens"

This isn't really saying much in that I am unaware of any understanding of astrophysics that implies any "goodness". The processes of the celestial entities seem to be uncontrolled, incredibly violent and life threatening.

"thanks to Darwin we cannot find it in the phenomenon of life"

Life on Earth for its creatures is a very mixed bag, infected with uncertainty, fear, predation, violence, tragedy, disease, damage, suffering, decay, aging and finally death.

"thanks to Freud we cannot find it in ourselves"

Again, the virtue of Man is a very mixed bag, infected with perversity, hypocrisy, betrayal, fear, apathy, hate, cowardice, meanness, pettiness, jealousy, neuroses, psychoses, avarice, unseemly ambition, etc.

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