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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Theological Issues

   Specific Doctrines
Why God not More Involved?
Determinism & Foreknowledge
The Question of Blame
Understanding Forgiveness
The Judgment of God
Punishment of God
Personal Relationship with God
Awareness Level of "God"
The Case for Unity
The Issue of Brotherhood
Destiny of Man
What about Death?
The Gift of Miracles
Who WAS Jesus?
   Sin and Evil
Adam & Eve Allegory
The Problem of Evil
Meaning of Word Sin
The Devil and Satan
Credibility of the Resurrection
Proposed Resurrection Scenario
The Issue of Physicality
   Second Coming
Traditional Advent
Why God Waits
Waiting for Godot
The Issues of Belief
Contrast of Believers

Why search for the truth, if it isn't going to be good
enough when you find it? Why build a house in a bad
neighborhood that you don't want to live in?
- Site Author

Criteria for the Good News Being Good Enough
Updated: 04/12/2020

The Criteria of the Gospel

  1. Must it not be understandable?
  2. Must it not be rational, scientific or sensible in that it does not violate the facts?
  3. Must it not be logical and consistent?
  4. Must it not be reasonable by relating to a wonderful purpose?
  5. Must not any process involved be reasonably easy and rewarding?
  6. Must not any process involved continue to be affirming with evidence?
  7. Must it not be personally and corporately impactful?
  8. Must it not be good personally as well as corporately?
  9. Must it not have a payoff or reward that is quick enough and big enough to get us really enthused and motivated to commitment?
  10. Must not any purpose, plan, and values involved transcend any mundane, superficial cultural differences and be universally acceptable to the point of fostering unity?
  11. Must it not set us free from fear, set us free to worship in our hearts and give us the liberty to live by inspiration, not by obligation or fear of punishment?
  12. Must it not offer us tangible, biological, emotional, psychological and spiritual salvation?
  13. Must it not offer us the complete sustenance and enhancement of life by the fulfillment of EVERY intrinsic humane desire and need, and then offer us more by way of surprise? You can't have a creator/God designing needs and disires with no possible fulfillment!
  14. Must it not offer us a destiny of dignity, and supremacy through equality?
  15. Must it not offer us a conception of a creator that we just wouldn't want to live without, even if we could?
  16. It must not have any down side; we already have had enough of that.

So, here are the three major aspects of the Gospel:

1. This is the framework of the Gospel: that the nature, character, purpose and values of the Originator are totally and only human.

2. This is the centerpiece of the Gospel: that we are being offered imminent immortality.

3. This is the capstone of the Gospel: that we are being offered full equality through supremacy.

One way to look at what Jesus did and said is to see that he laid his own earthly life on the line to try to tell us that we have infinite value and worth, NOT that we are miserable sinners and intrinsically inferior so that he needs to stand in our place to make us worthy. Can we really believe this, when our whole experience with reality is subjection to relentless indifference? We can believe this ONLY IF we understand the issues and see that the demonstration of his life, death, and resurrection is a reasonable and elegant basis for believing!

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