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- Henry David Thoreau
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An atheist is a person who has construed a god so
uncaring or heinous that he can't really be believed
in, but then, so have most religions.
- Site Author

Children of God
Updated: 05/12/2020

Christendom universally acknowledges that we as humans are children of God. What is left unstated at worst and nebulous at best is that as Christians we are confined, constrained and destined to always being children, always subordinate and inferior, always needing instruction and direction, and supposedly always under parental supervision. What decent "parent" would ever want such a thing for their children?

Men are only the children of God if you ignore everything that distinguishes the child-parent relationship from that of an ocean liner captain and the fish in the sea. - Site author

Of course, what is of much greater concern is the way we are treated, or neglected, as the true case may be. In a court of domestic law, the prevailing "God" would be imprisoned for child abuse and neglect, and his children taken out of his custody. What is wrong with this picture?

Once again the Gospel of John shows its superiority, because John's emphasis is not about how we ARE the children of God, but about us BECOMING or maturing to be such in a most literal, significant way, by UNDERSTANDING, through Yeshua's life and message, the true character and purpose of God.

Could it be that UNTIL we BECOME children of God we will not be treated as such?

See: Gospel verses Children study

Christianity is so interminably conflated with "Judaism" and Old Testament mythology as to be often referred to as Judeo-Christianity. For instance, here is what one intelligent and sensitive thinker has said in an otherwise erudite and profound article:

...Judaism has always preferred the celebration and sanctification of this life in this world to eschatological promises. My guess is that 21st-century Christian thought will move back toward its father and become increasingly Judaized, less focused on death and the afterlife and more on life here today... - David Gelernter, "The Closing of the Scientific Mind."

Yet, this is so NOT valid or true in the mind and message of the J-person. The Gospels of John and Thomas pay NO deference to Judaism being the foundation for Christianity, BECAUSE in the minds of these two Gospel writers the truth and true religion does NOT have that as its foundation. Yet, except for these two, that Judaistic foundation was neither dismissed by the other disciples nor by Paul! This is why we have what is commonly called Judeo-Christianity today, which was built upon "scripture idolatry" and promulgated by these unenlightened followers.

Despite its development and growth into the world's most prominent religion, after 1300+ years[*] from its beginning, Christianity is highly fractured and stagnant in the "first world" countries, and its proponents and followers–thinking that they are the "chosen" or special children of God–are left bereft in a troubled and dangerous world merely COPING with the deplorable "human condition". Is this not preposterous on the face of it?

[*]  According to the revised chronology favored by this site.

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