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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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“The experiments of 1901 were far from encouraging ...we saw that the calculations upon which all flying-machines had been based were unreliable, and that all were simply groping in the dark. Having set out with absolute faith in the existing scientific data, we were driven to doubt one thing after another, till finally, after two years of experiment, we cast it all aside, and decided to rely entirely upon our own investigations. Truth and error were so intimately mixed as to be indistinguishable.” - Wilbur and Orville Wright only two years before they put their craft in the air at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Major Differences
Updated: 06/09/2021

30 major Christian Dogmas or Doctrines contradicted or not espoused
by the J-person where there is significant reason to believe differently

1.  Equality - The PRIMARY, FOUNDATIONAL belief or tenet concerning our relationship to God proposed by the world’s major religions, including Christianity, is that the creator is SUPERIOR and TRANSCENDENT to us as human beings. Thus the ultimate blasphemy is to think in terms of equality. The J-person put the lie to this by his life, behavior, and message and clearly offered EQUALITY to us. His favorite term for himself was "son of man", which means human being. He called us sons, daughters, friends, and after the resurrection called his father our father.

2.  Sin - This Mars rooted word literally means as a verb “to miss the mark”, and as a noun "the distance struck from the mark". Christianity applies this legalistically, meaning to fail to obey the law adequately or misbehave. The J-person primarily used the Greek word "amartia", which means missing the mark, and applied it to our concept and understanding of God, and secondarily to our own thinking, behavior, and communication that reinforces the wrong concepts. This is a crucial, PROFOUND difference!

3.  Authoritative Scripture - The J-person made it abundantly clear that we should NOT be listening to Moses and the prophets, but to HIM. Because that is all of which  most people had access, he quoted mostly from the Old Testament scriptures, BUT he also quoted ancient literature outside of the Torah, the prophets, and the writings canonized by Judaism. And he felt free to disagree with Moses and the prophets. See: Bible as the Word of God

4.  Trinity - The J-person did not teach that there was a Godhead trinity of living beings. His statement that we can pray with the authority of the Son, the Father, and the effective spirit or attitude does NOT justify thinking there is such a trinity of ultimate "God beings". This concept and teaching comes ultimately or originally from the worship of the trimurti, the ancient aligned trinity of planets seen from earth, i.e. Mars, Venus, and Saturn. See: The Yeshua Paradigm

5.  Holy Spirit - The position of this site is that the "Holy" Spirit is the God attitude. But whatever you think describes the "Holy Spirit", it is NOT a living being. Its role is to lead us into “all the truth” and “teach us all things”. It definitely is not synonymous with Jimminy Cricket, and the word "spirit" should be thought of being primarily equivalent to "attitude" or "mentality", and the Holy Spirit equivalent to "God Spirit" or the "I-am-a-god Attitude".

6.  The Father - The father of the J-person on earth is NOT another pre-existent individual but is the incorporated, unified family of families of all unfallen human beings in the universe. Their collective consciousness is the vessel holding all knowledge and power, including the entire essence of the Originator during the two times he was not alive; the first just before he was born as a baby, and the second while his body was in the tomb. See: The Yeshua Paradigm

7.  Heaven - The J-person primarily used the phrase “kingship of the heavens”, and taught that this was not a place in the universe nor some alternate physical realm, but a state of being, a state of having fulfillment, primal creative empowerment, safety, immortality, equality, unity and society.

8.  Baptism - Although the J-person LET himself be baptized, He NEVER baptized anyone with water, and tried to change our concept of this now empty and meaningless physical rite or ceremony by claiming that he came to baptize with fire, spirit, and the truth. See: Rites, Rituals, Ceremonies and Sacraments

9.  Ecclesia versus Church - Did not the J-person say, "He that hates his life shall find it"? What reasonable person could not hate their life, beleaguered by evil vicissitudes, subject to pain and suffering, doomed to age, decay and die, all in such a world of woe? An ecclesia is a responsible group of mature people cognizant of the conditions in which they find themselves. They are “called out” by a great need to come together and discuss the issues and make important choices. They do NOT just continue to endure or to wait for change or for some agency to save them. The ecclesia that the J-person was talking about decides to listen to him, understand him fully and follow his instructions, something that has not yet been done since Yeshua walked on earth.

10.  Hell - The word and concept of Hell is a construct of morbid imagination by unhinged religious fanatics and fiction writers. Although the concept is found in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31, Luke unwisely included this parable. It can NOT be found in the authentic teachings of Yeshua. The idea of physical torture from God as punishment for “sinners” on top of the suffering they have already experienced on this earth, the aging and dying “that no man can hope to shun” is barbaric and macabre–so bizarre and absurd that it is a major insult not only to God but to a reasonable person’s intelligence. God is not in the punishment business, but in the saving business. Statements made by the J-person which referred to Gehenna, a literal canyon used as a refuse dump where the prophecy was literally fulfilled, are unjustifiably interpreted as Hell. The J-person’s statements about Hades, a word that means “the unseen realm” are also unjustifiably interpreted or translated as Hell. Consequently, Yeshua gave NO support for this hellacious idea! See: The Punishment of God

11.  The Judgment - The first, present judgment on us, the judgment of death, is already automatic and cannot be further imposed and can only be avoided. As in, “You will just die in your sins, unless you believe.” Our forefathers inaugurated the judgment on us by their separation from the rest of the unfallen humans in the universe. Unfair? Of course! Evil isn't fair to anyone. If it WERE "fair", it wouldn't be evil! What's fair is that we can void and escape this judgment by becoming intellectually responsible and listening to and understanding Yeshua.

12.  The Punishment - The punishment of the ages–this does NOT mean LASTING for all time but just means the GREATEST of all time–takes place after the resurrection, and is the time when, in the full light of truth and understanding, people will judge themselves and suffer the intense agony of regret and remorse according to the full measure of their thinking, behavior and impact in this life. See: The Punishment of God

13.  Devil - The concept of the devil is not found in the Old Testament, and the New Testament Greek word means divider, accuser, or slanderer.  The word "Satan" means "blocker" or "obstructor". The original devil was the original lie, the IDEA of inequality that started the long slide of our human family to become more and more corrupt, and end in all but hopeless sinful misunderstanding and disempowerment.

14.  Angels as superior beings - The word angel means message/messenger, and any real living-being messengers from the unfallen realm would be human even though they be extraterrestrial. Even the passages in BOTH Bible Testaments use angel and man interchangeably in places. What perverse thinking is it that insists they belong to a race of superior beings? There is no higher life form in the universe than a fully human being.

15.  Nature of God - The psychological nature makeup of the originator of all things is, was, and always will be TOTALLY and ONLY human. The false, so-called “dual nature” doctrine comes from a misunderstanding that the word “divine” means non-human instead of its true meaning of “healing” or restoring. Unfallen humans in the universe are all fully empowered and immortal, but that does not make them ultra or non-human.

16.  Eternal Damnation - There is nothing that cannot be changed, healed, or cured with the full understanding of the truth about God. The idea of eternal punishment is barbaric and macabre and one of the ultimate manifestations of sin, that being missing the mark by holding a wrong concept of the character and psyche of God.

17.  The Sabbath - The seventh day of rest was initially instituted not by God but by man in commemoration of the chief planet god Saturn, the golden age, and the creation of the new age of timekeeping. It was adopted by the Hebrews as a major aspect of their culture and worship posture as a symbol of future restoration. NOTHING about this holiday and its manmade strictures has anything to do with any law, requirement or demand from God.

18.  Creation - Probably the only being the Original Creator ever personally created alone was the second human being, ultimately a mate. As the number of humans increase in the universe, the level of empowerment and creativity increases. However, there is no reason to believe that unfallen beings played any role in the creation of the animals that we find on the earth and the savage, predatory competition system of nature that we experience. The most reasonable position is that fallen, perverse yet still empowered man irresponsibly designed or created this system and these creatures.

19.  Parousia/Second Coming - The Parousia was the impact of the personal public presence of the J-person including his crucifixion and resurrection, the focal point of all time. There will be no return of the J-person as king sitting on a throne in the sky surrounded by ranks and ranks of angels. Such a proposition has no real basis in the words spoken by the J-person. It would be completely counter to the character of God, and would be more in keeping with a grandstand Hollywood type production. Not God's style at all!

20.  Resurrection Agency - Those people that come into unity and thereby inaugurate the resolution of things on earth will choose the order of people being resurrected and will do the resurrecting. This is the rightful business of our OWN human family, NOT that of the J-person or the rest of unfallen humanity.

21.  Marriage  Marriage as a legal construct inaugurated by form and ceremony is completely a human institution, and the ethics of such are highly colored and affected by our fallen human condition. Marriage without love is meaningless or worse, and tantamount to adultery, whether or not certain words were spoken or promises made. Freedom is never attained while operating under laws or rules. Personal freedom is realized when operating within principles and values with which you agree and support.

22.  Rites and Ceremonies   Rites and ceremonies are AT BEST symbolic, and have no efficacy once the underlying reality is understood. These things quickly become idolatry, and as currently practiced are now empty husks, serving no purpose other than to entrench sin. A sure sign of a false religion is ritual focus on symbolism.

23.  Sacraments   The J-person asked the disciples to think about and remember what he said every time they ate and drank after the last supper up until the crucifixion and the resurrection. He did NOT intend to institute any future ongoing sacraments concerned with foot washing and unleavened bread or wine. See: Rites, Rituals, Ceremonies and Sacraments

24.  Prayer   Prayer, as practiced by the man not believing the truth, is demeaning and is little better than begging or an attempt at naked manipulation. This kind of prayer only serves to entrench sin, which is exactly what the J-person told Thomas when he said, "If you fast and pray, you will bring sin upon yourself."

25.  Fasting  Occasional fasting to improve health may be judicious, but to do so to earn spiritual points or merit is sacrilege, and serves only to entrench sin, a wrong concept of God.

26.  The Crucifixion  the J-person is not suicidal nor fixated on death as a solution, and he did NOT come to this earth to die. He came to save the cosmos or cosmic system, the universal system of equality, love, trust and unity set up by him in the first place. For this goal, he came PREPARED to die on earth AS A LAST RESORT. When no one listened with understanding and belief, and the character of the Creator had to be demonstrated beyond all doubt for the entire universe including us, he clearly personally provoked the unreasonable authorities–Sadducees and Pharisee–into coercing the Roman authority into crucifying him. Even he balked at taking this last step without agonizing with the father and checking to see if anything else could be said or done to avoid it.

27.  Understanding God  Why would the creator create beings with which to fellowship that were incapable of understanding him? Was he incapable of doing this? Isn't understanding what we all desire of friendship and fellowship? Isn't this the primary requisite of a good relationship? After the J-person came and "showed us the father" and "made him plain", after he said, "And this IS eternal life (salvation), that they understand you and he whom you have sent", and since "God" put on the great demonstration, the great "Parousia of coming into personal public display and prominence", the great unveiling or "Apocalypse" culminating at the crucifixion and resurrection, we should be understanding God better than we understand each other!

28.  Yeshua as eternal center of attention  The doctrine or thinking that Yeshua will be the center of attention throughout all eternity is widespread in Christendom, and is another one of the most pernicious doctrines holding sway. Yeshua would be revolted by this vision! He may be the most admired and respected person throughout eternity, but he has no desire to monopolize being he center of attention. He may submit to the occasional loving "roast", but probably only once. His gracious character and demeanor have NOT changed from when he was on earth, and his real joy is to revel in the glory of his children. You will always be comfortable and delighted to be in his presence.

29.  Self-defense versus turn the other cheek  When Yeshua advised his followers to turn the other cheek, that was in the context of dealing with the Roman soldiers in defusing an insult situation that could escalate into more serious violence. 'The thinking that Yeshua taught or fostered martyrdom is ludicrous. There is nothing wrong with self defense. The problem is that the message of Yeshua was ultimately not received, nor understood and embraced, and after his death and resurrection only a small number retained his previous protection and their lives. The rest universally did NOT stay under this protection, and were all destined to die in one way or another. Yeshua could not change this fate of the people unilaterally, but he and the Father have no desire to see the better people oppressed or slaughtered by the worse. It is seldom admitted, mentioned, and almost never understood that just before the end playing out he advised his followers to acquire and carry a lethal weapon. See: Luke 22:35,36

"When I sent you out with no purse or bag or sandals, did you lack anything?" They said, "Nothing." He said to them, "But now, let him who has a purse take it, and likewise a bag. And let him who has no sword sell his mantle and buy one."

30.  Martyrdom  Martyrdom is NEVER called for by God, and is NEVER appropriate. We may come to a situation where we do not want to live, but that is not martyrdom.

Surely, the thinking of most of Christendom is misguided or wrong on almost all points!

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