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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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The lived reality of Christianity throughout history just is not appreciably different from what one finds in other major religions.  A strong case can be made, in fact, that the history of Christianity contains considerably more violence and destruction than that of most other major religions. - Kimball, Charles, When Religion Becomes Evil, Los Angeles, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. 2002, p. 27

Spiritual Tachisme
Updated: 04/07/2020

The verity of the above quote is one of the underlying rationales for the development of this site. Of course, it is one of the motivations and rationales, if not the driving one, for the development of ANY significant deviant system of Christian thinking. Of which we have many! And each one lessens the impact of every other one.

There seems to be two classes of these belief systems, those that have at least a modicum of thematic consistency and intellectual content, some soundness, some internal continuity, and those that may be clever and imaginative but are bafflingly disjointed or disconnected from any reasonable picture of God and reality. This article will attempt to take a good look at the latter.

Tachisme - New World Dictionary, 2nd college edition: A method of action painting in which the paint is splashed, dribbled, etc. upon the canvass in apparently random patterns, Now a splatter artist can always deny randomness and claim that this approach lets unfettered inspiration flow onto the canvass. Sure! Wanna buy my bridge?

There is a multitude of creative spiritual system contrivers who seem to want to emulate that most notorious paint splattering artist Jackson Pollack in the religious arena. So, to set the table for a consideration of this approach, first scan the article at: Bible Statistics

And then here is what Donald H. Akenson has to say about the rampant blossoming of irrational schemes in Christendom, in chapter 1 of his book called The Surpassing Wonder:

"Then came the twin disasters of fundamentalism and dispensationalism. Fundamentalism heightened the developing anti-intellectualism of evangelicalism by disguising complex, crude and controversial theological statements as literal interpretations of the Scriptures, a trend capped by the influential Scoffield Reference Bible (1909). Dispensationalism completed this canonization of Biblical mechanics by manipulating the arbitrary versification of the scriptures completed in the sixteenth century and turning the Old and New Testament into a kind of gigantic Christian puzzle, all parts interchangeable. Now, words and sentences could be manoeuvred to create and defend simplistic interpretative schemes from any angle, brushing aside the verses' original context while also rigidly classifying modern events with a few simple-minded categories.

"This sort of thing cannot be fought, so it is best ignored."

There are 31,102 verses in the vaunted King James Bible, and close to twice that many phrases that one can use as pieces to paint a picture of God, his plan and his reality. That's a lot to work with, a lot of "paint droplets" to splatter.

There are more brands of spiritual fruitcakes out there than there are flavors of ice cream, but we are looking at the pestiferous type that is the ardent creative person building fantastic systems of thinking and belief out of  various pieces found in the Bible passages, verses and phrases. These people seem sincere and dedicated to synthesis, yet their scenarios and edifices are fantastical, arbitrary, and nonsensical; ungrounded in consistency and reasonableness. Hence the characterization of their activity as spiritual tachisme.

Most of these schemes leave the past fairly unmolested and concentrate on the future. The number of future scenarios based on "prophecy" is legion. Most are characterized by being materialistic, and of course they are almost always deterministic, relying on the concept that God is in control down to any level, knows exactly what will happen, and has given us prophecy to prove it. It just so happens–and aren't we fortunate–that it is in their special purview to interpret for us this welter of prophecy correctly.

This author suggests that their actual motivation is not the seeking of the truth, nor an attempt to put their thoughts down for review, consideration, and discussion, but rather for the same reason that so many "spiritual" authors had in the New Testament era. That was a viable way to become someone special, to assuage one's own ailing ego and make yourself important, allowing feelings of superiority. These aspects seem always to be there waiting to blossom out in one way or another.

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