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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood
by those who hear it." - William James

Subversion of Christianity
Updated: 04/07/2020

The following quotes were taken from : Jacques Ellul, The Subversion of Christianity, Wm. B. Erdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, MI.

Concerning contradiction:

"There is not just contradiction on one point but on all points.....There is not just deviation but radical and essential contradiction, or real subversion."  p. 3.

Concerning theory and practice

"We have to admit that there is an immeasurable distance between all that we read in the Bible and the practice of the church and of Christians."  p. 7.

"We have said, and we shall show at length, that Christian practice has constantly been a subversion of the truth in Christ."  p. 11.

Concerning freedom of God

"There is no good and evil above God that even God is bound to apply."  p. 15.

Concerning morality

"A Christianity that has fashioned a morality–and what a morality!–the most strict, the most moralistic, the most debilitating, the one that most reduces adherents to infants and renders them irresponsible, or, if I were to be malicious, I should say the one that makes of them happy imbeciles..." p. 17.

"God's revelation has nothing whatever to do with morality.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing."  p. 69.

Concerning spiritual authority

"He puts us on guard against seeking any authority other than that of the Holy Spirit."  p. 21.

Concerning Mariology

"The cult of the Virgin flourishes under the repression, veiling it and giving men a good conscience.  The cult of the Virgin does not prove that women were placed too high.  The exact opposite is the case.  It plays the role of an ideology and conceals the mechanism whereby women are despoiled, treated as minors, and negated.  The model is perfect because it is unique.  Because no other woman can approximate it, all others, in the name of the Virgin's excellence, must be reduced to tutelage.  Yet the cult of the Virgin serves to show in what high estimation woman as such is held.  We have here the well-known mechanism of the ideal whereby the more perfect the model is, the more it authorizes the rejection of the concrete."  p.34,35.

Concerning what is sacred

"Humanity alone is 'sacred'.  Human life is the only reality that has a status above that of "created things."  p. 56.

Concerning exegesis

"In exegesis there is in fact no purely scientific procedure; there is a choice of values."  p. 118.

Well, Jaques Ellul makes it clear how he feels that true Christianity has been almost totally subverted. No beating around the bush, no mincing of words in the above quotes. These are remarkable insights.

The traditional God

The old God has the character of a self-centered ruler who made us to serve Him, honor His fiat law, obey his orders, and submit to his will since we are forever his creation and property and He knows best.  In contrast, the ideal creator's character would be that of a sharer and a server, not a ruler, where his objective would be to share everything with us and to serve US with the purpose of maximizing our freedom, liberty and fulfillment.

The old God created us in his image but he will always be transcendently beyond us as sovereign, superior and supreme with his creative power, and will always retain a position of power and control.  In contrast, the ideal creator would be able to create us in his image to be his equals fully–children gods–not underlings or inferiors.  He would intend and be able to share fully with us everything that he has and no one would need be in a position of control.

The psyche and personality of the old God is alien, or trans/ultra human and beyond the fathom of human beings.  In contrast, the psyche or soul of the ideal God would be totally and only human, and not other or alien in any way. Here is a question: What honorable and noble parent would not want their children to surpass them in achievement and fulfillment?

The old God's "great" truth is beyond human reason and understanding, and must be accepted a priori and cannot be questioned since it cannot be demonstrated.  In contrast, the truth about the ideal God would have nothing in it which contradicts the facts, nor violates logic, nor transcends reason when we understand the purpose of God.  What is scandalous is that we don't conceive of and demand that our "God" be logical and reasonable.

The old God designed pure or true love to be indefinable and indescribable, or, if it IS either defined or describable, it is done so in terms of some unreachable aspect of God's character, and involves giving and sacrificing.  In contrast, the ideal creator God would design Love to be sharing, and it would always be a win/win situation whereby the personal pleasure, fulfillment and gain in an interaction would be inherent, prominent, perceived and openly admitted.

While it is true that modern Christianity in the Western world has succumbed to the moderating influence of humanism by shifting the emphasis away from legalism, hellfire and damnation, these are still there lurking beneath the surface. These dark, grim, negative aspects have many times been replaced by the softer mysticism with its emphasis on candles, inspirational lectures, uplifting choruses, meditation, and the visualization of success and good things. However, none of this has brought us a more stable, safe, peaceful, world. Not to mention deliverance from the human condition.

Chronological predetermination

The old God has a "great" chronologically predetermined plan of salvation where salvation means to be accounted righteous and "marked in God's book" for resurrection or translation at some later time.  In contrast, the ideal God would not have a chronologically determined agenda, but would make it so salvation, which means nothing less than to be free from all lack, pain, danger or harm of any kind, including that of the flesh, would be imminently available.  He would have an easy, simple, pleasant, elegant, and spiritual way to achieve the entire package of what we legitimately want and need. .

Christendom has destroyed the real Yeshua

The old false God is that of the Old Testament; the new false God is that of the New Testament, because both are fashioned on a mythological foundation or paradigm of God. Neither of these justly nor adequately reflect the character and message of Yeshua.

Many thoughtful, reasonable and serious men of integrity and accomplishment have seen and understood much of what is wrong about Christianity, but without seeing what is right. The author of this site agrees with them and Ellul above, when he claims Christianity has been subverted. Worse than that, it has now become so entrenched and so identified with Yeshua, as to practically having destroyed any chance for the truth to be sorted out.

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