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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Time waits for no man.

The Human Experience of Time

Life Content is based on events

The above seems to be so obvious that it is questionable to mention it. However, there are three types of events, 1) those that we relate to as quantitative where they are triggered or created by the physical, mechanical cycles that have been set in motion and that have no further impact or meaning in and of themselves, and 2) those that we relate to as qualitative or signifcant where they are not cyclical but have some "good or bad" impact on the quality of life, and 3) those that are qualitative but also purposeful in that these events are triggered by some level of volition or intention.

Time and Duration are based on cyclical, quantitative events

Time is an aspect of or an adjunct to the physical universe based on physical events. Simply put, no material universe, no time! But that does not mean that time can be reified. The question can be asked, "How much time is there between two events?" We simply cannot say without counting the number of quantitative cycles that we are using as a background or matrix–a canvass if you will–upon which we can consider our "time" or our experience. In other words, the number of "times" a clock ticks or the number of seasons, moon or solar cycles. In our language we often use the word time to be synonymous with the word event, as in "Plates of food were spilled three "times" during the party."

View this video presentation on the true nature of "time".

The Arrow of Time is based on Sequence

Humans experience time as a directional series of sequential events, the smallest, of which we are generally subconsciously aware, being that of our heartbeat, essentially equivalent to a second.  Seconds to minutes to hours to days to weeks to months to years to decades to centuries to millennia–all mechanically determined cyclical series of events.  Events or series of events distinguishable from one another and in sequence provide for the reality of our experience, including our experience of what we call time.  We use cyclical, non-relevant events (such as the ticking of a clock or the vibration of an atom or the motions of the solar system) that mark out small increments of duration to help us better keep track of the sequence of more important, relevant events that affect our lives.  Put very straightly, without events to demarcate periods there would be no such thing as time.

Sequence is inviolate to our most fundamental concept of reality, experience and logic. In other words, sequence can never be altered or reversed. If it could be, then the universe, the "order" of things, would be truly unstable and chaotic. There never could be any meaning because it could always be undone by changing the sequence of events. Sequence is one of those non-material realities that even applies to non-material events such as thoughts or imaginings.

The Quality of Life is based on qualitative events

Maybe this is too obvious to be reiterated, but the quality of life doesn't come from the sheer number or quantity of events but when they add up or combine to produce a certain quality that gives meaning to the development. Thus the Meaning of Life is based on meaningful events.

Time in Ages

On the macro scale the ancients divided time reality into ages (eras, eons), periods that were determined by meaningful qualities versus just a quantity of smaller cyclical increments.  An age ended and a new age began with a climactic event or events that substantially changed the paradigm, flavor, and/or the experience of the world's reality. In the earliest remembered times ages were demarcated by changes in "solar", gravitational, and electrical environments. These changes were overwhelming and inaugurated species extinctions, ice ages, and major ecological disruptions.

The Ages of the past

In the time of LOGOS, his life, death, and resurrection gave humanity the best and ultimate basis for profoundly shifting our spiritual paradigm from the one universally held previously to one offering a radically different living and spiritual experience.  LOGOS ended one spiritual age and began the next one, within which we now live.  The Greek word AIONION used by LOGOS, traditionally translated as eternal or everlasting, means belonging to the all-inclusive ages, and, as usually used by LOGOS, implies a never ending sequence of macro increments of corporate life experiences with ever changing meaningful colors, flavors and qualities.

The Next Age

The final resolution of all issues for every individual will be accomplished in the next spiritual age, which we can call the Age of Judgment.  This age of judgment will be inaugurated when the final issue regarding the human race has been resolved, that being our ability to ultimately believe in the goodness of the unfallen and to trust the creator and them fully.

There are obviously different levels of believing.  Those who have adequately believed will do the "judging" and the words and deeds of LOGOS will be the standard. Every dogma, doctrine, concept, and idea will be looked at, and every issue will be settled once and for all. Every hidden facet of the truth about God will be revealed to everyone. Then everyone will know, whether they ever believed or not.  Let the reader ponder that the word "judge" primarily means to save.

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