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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"Creation stories, globally, refer to the almost unimaginably spectacular and terrifying behavior of the planets...Creation originally referred to the phases
of the celestial spectacle and not to the universe."
- Wal Thornhill

Creation Cosmology
Updated: 02/13/2020

Given that we have two aspects of our reality, the physical or material and the spiritual or the intangible, we can ask ourselves which one of these came first or which one is ordinate versus subordinate. But there can be no question as to which one is more important or meaningful because WE are primarily beings with a mind, a soul or psychological structure, personhood, self identity, and all that goes along with these such as traits and characteristics, and most importantly character, purpose and values. We have a body, but we are NOT our body. It is just the vehicle or vessel for what we really are. Thus, the most profound questions regarding cosmology can never be answered within the confines of materialism.

The materialist can SAY that the physical universe came first and that life and the spiritual realities are just "emergent properties" of the complex physical system, but this position posits something much less than desirable. "Emergent property" without a preceding purpose–a spiritual reality–is just a phrase meaning little more than a chance accident. That leaves us as emergent property meat sticks only able to cope with the vast and mindless material universe throughout our limited life with limitred intelligence. We can never know what other emergent property the physical universe may throw at us. We could suddenly be superseded and be left in the dustbin of cosmic history. Or, we could have another dimension emerge and be added to our needs and desires, another dimension that can never be satisfied. The nightmarish aspects that one can imagine from "emergent properties" are extensive and depressing.

Intelligent Design

"Intelligent Design" is an oxymoron. You cannot dissociate intelligence from design, and we are swimming in design, This is an important principle, and CANNOT be ignored.

It seems far more satisfactory to think that mind and intelligence with purpose created the physical universe instead of the other way around. Probably most people in the world are here in their thinking. But did the intelligence that created the physical universe just fling it out there once and for all, kind of like a stand alone system? Or is that intelligence intimately involved, constantly sustaining reality in its mind on an ongoing basis?

Just dealing with the astrophysical aspects, what is the creation cosmology that is implied by the paradigm of this site and by the valid findings of astrophysics?

It would be a universe that is being constantly sustained and enlarged by the mature, sane, "sinless" human beings out there that are fully invested as equal citizens. The universe is NOT static but is growing both in size and number of creator-sustainers. Vast amounts of  "real estate" are being created and added to what is already there, waiting to be developed by those to whom are given this endowment. There is more "raw" real estate than we will ever need for ANY reason.

What seems to make the most sense is from what we can see and interpret is that certain galaxies, those that have been classified as having "active galactic nuclei", are charging up, and at some point are ejecting what are called quasars. Usually these are ejected in pairs in opposite directions along the axial lines of the mother galaxies, but occasionally the ejections are at an angle that distinctly differs from the galactic axis.

These quasars are huge globs of protons or positive material that initially travel away from the Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN) center at relativistic velocities. According to Halton Arp, one of the most eminent and reasonable astronomers ever to grace our midst, their "matter" is new and highly redshifted. As they move away over time there is a stream of electrons–mostly from the AGN–that catch up to them, slow their velocity down, and decrease the overall positive charge toward being more charge neutral.

At some point in this process each of these quasars differentiate into a galaxy of individual stars, which further eject blobs of material that eventually become planets and moons. At this stage they become more mature, "normal" galaxies.

This is all in contrast to prevailing cosmology, and here is what Arp has to say about that:

"After all, to get the whole universe totally wrong in the face of clear evidence for over 75 years merits monumental embarrassment and should induce a modicum of humility." (Halton Arp, "What has Science Come To?", Journal of Scientific Exploration.)

We have to wholeheartedly agree with Arp's assessment. Cosmological thinking has been intellectually irresponsible with both its Big Bang and Steady State conjectures. Kind of like having the attitude that would ask the question, "Why would anybody ever consider more than two flavors of ice cream, vanilla and chocolate? Or two colors of cars, black and white?"

The Anthropic Principle

What is related to creationistic cosmology is the Anthropic Principle. This concept is all but a corollary in that it describes or explains what you would expect the universe to be like if it had a human creator.

The anthropic principle asserts that the universe is the way it is because we are here. - Harrison, Edward R. Cosmology: The Science of the Universe, New York; Cambridge University Press, 1971, p. 2.

Here it is realted to the Holographic Universe paradigm:

The anthropic principle...suggests that the world that we experience can be grasped by thought because it owes its very existence to our concepts.  The two are mutually interdependent.  The universe that we observe is then a human-oriented world, and it would not exist apart from our presence in it. - B. Alan Wallace, Choosing Reality, p. 90,91 

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