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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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If you have raced with running men and they have wearied
you, how will you challenge the horses? - Jeremiah 12:5

Ramifications of the Reconstruction

If you understand and accept in general the theme of Velikovskian astral catastrophism and especially the Saturn myth reconstruction (hereinafter called "the reconstruction") and the concomitant themes of the golden age ending in a major disaster and resulting in a series of lesser Solar system shakeups, the implications and ramifications of the reconstruction become enormous.  The range and extent of intellectual knowledge and spiritual belief change becomes almost unmanageable or overwhelming for the modern man immersed, educated, trained and conditioned in the popular world views built around either the "godless" or purposeless evolutionistic gradualism of establishment science, or his "religion" based on some external authority figure (book, tradition, denomination or hierarchal priesthood, leadership or clergy), or some mind and soul numbing combination thereof.

It is also difficult to fathom the extent to which our "knowledge" and concepts in one arena or discipline are conditioned and constrained by our "knowledge", assumptions, and beliefs in the other areas of understanding.  When you radically change your view in one domain, the repercussions may be extensive in the others.  When the underpinnings to many of the facets of the modern world view are ripped out by the reconstruction, one may as well start all over in examining what one knows and what one believes.  In confronting the ramifications of the reconstruction, modern man now faces the challenge of an intellectual, social and spiritual revolution unmatched by those introduced in the last two millennia a la Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, Semmelweiss, et al.

The extent of intellectual knowledge and spiritual belief
change becomes almost unmanageable for modern man

On the other horn of the dilemma, one of the ultimately meaningful concepts propounded by Velikovsky the psychoanalyst is that mankind is suffering from a catastrophically induced amnesia, a kind of cauterized mental aptitude, an intellectual scotoma rendering him a driven person, controlled and not even knowing it.

In the course of the last 45 years since Worlds in Collision blazed onto the literary scene, there have been a few (precious few) articles written in the journals dealing with the ramifications--of the necessary reconstructions of myths, paradigms, history and chronology, etc.--on the ultimately important and meaningful issues, that is, on philosophy, religion, theology and the import and destiny of the individual and the human race.  One of the best was "The Garden, the Fall, and the Restoration" by Richard Heinberg[1], which article should be read or reread in conjunction with reading this article.

Is it important or paramount to be concerned about the extent and the ramifications of the reconstruction?  One of the least vital reasons is given by physicist Nick Herbert:

The search for the picture of the "way the world really is" is an enterprise that transcends the narrow interests...for better or worse, humans have tended to pattern their domestic, social, and political arrangements according to the dominant vision of physical reality.  Inevitably the cosmic view trickles down to the most mundane details of everyday life.[2]

There are probably two contrasting ways, using words, to accomplish the almost impossible task of introducing paradigm breaking or belief shattering ideas to homo sapiens.  One way is with parables or analogies (literally "outside of logic") which are designed to engender an insightful sense of the idea or truth of what is being communicated.

Since one partial definition/description of a language is: a set of words, each of which is definable by other members of the set; the other or "hard" way is with words of logic and reason, which absolutely requires careful and precise definitions of words--a brick by brick building approach--which must of necessity be accompanied by a high level of intelligence and education, and a core-deep commitment to being rational, logical and reasonable on the part of the reader or listener. For those that are open, ready, and searching for the truth, this latter approach has the benefit of being more definitive, and more extensive in the detailed explication of crucial truth.

[1] Richard Heinberg "The Garden, the Fall, and the Restoration" KRONOS, Vol VI, No. 2.

[2] Nick Herbert, Quantum Reality, Anchor Press, Doubleday (Garden City, NY 1985). p. xi.

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