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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Of  the original thirteen members, four were doctors, one an ex-unitarian minister.  Two were booksellers.  Another, Comte Jacques­Louis, had fled the French Revolution.  Four were Quakers, and two, William Allen and Humphrey Davy, were independently wealthy amateur chemists.  Only one, George Greenough, had any training in geology or mineralogy–having paid a visit to the Academy at Freiberg some years earlier along with Goethe–but he did not pursue the subject for a living by any stretch of the imagination.  He was a member of Parliament.  Indeed, what is extraordinary about the London Geological Society is that none of the original members were geologists.  "The little talking dinner club," as Davy put it, was a club for gentlemen given to talk, not to hammering rocks.

The Twilight Zone: What's Wrong with this Picture?

Welcome, and thanks for listening to this latest version of “As the World Turns in the Twilight Zone”. Unless you are faint-hearted, easily offended, or weak-minded, do not attempt to adjust the picture or turn the dial!

The extent of intellectual knowledge and spiritual belief change
needed becomes almost unmanageable for modern man.

Investing my time primarily in making money is anathema for me. because I am fully engaged in understanding, and finding answers to, the human condition and the ultimate issues. Doing so means almost losing your bearings, because almost everything that is believed in the important areas is as paradigmatically OUT OF FOCUS as mainstream cosmology is compared to the EU paradigm.

Along with my own experience:

  1. Don Scott, Wal Thornhill, Halton Arp, Anthony Peratt, Ralph Juergens, Immanuel Velikovsky, et al, have helped educate me as to how corrupted mainstream cosmology is by ignoring the factors of plasma,the electrical force, and the implications of redshift.
  2. Immanuel Velikovsky, Lewis M. Greenberg, Ernest Becker, Richard Heinberg, Morris Massey, et al, have convinced me as to how misguided the field of psychology is from ignoring the brutalization of Mankind from ancient global catastrophes. See: Emotional Impact of Disaster, Mankind in Ignorance and Denial, Cosmology and Psychology
  3. Immanuel Velikovsky, Gunnar Heinsohn, et al, have convinced me as to how misguided the reconstruction of both History and Chronology are, with the mainstream reconstruction of pre-historical times being little more than a blind endeavor, and major mysteries abound.
  4. The various catastrophist luminaries such as Immanuel Velikovsky, David Talbott, Dwardu Cardona, Lewis M. Greenberg, et al, have convinced me that the human race has been brutalized by global astral catastrophes in relatively recent times, thereby developing religions based on Saturn worship..
  5. Michael Cremo, Richard Thompson, et al, have revealed that archeology is ignoring major aspects and implications.
  6. Thomas Kuhn, John L. Casti, et al, have shown us how awkward and difficult it is to inaugurate needed paradigm changes
  7. Forrest Bishop, Alexander Mebane, Rupert Sheldrake, et al, have convinced me as to how misguided the prevailing thought on life development for the earth, and the life sciences, are. See: Life Development Sequence on Earth
  8. Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Will Durant, Bryan App;eyard, et al, have shown me that the prominent philosophers were little short of insane in various areas.
  9. Lee Smolin, Michael Talbot, Peter Wolt, David Bohm, Wal Thornhill, et al, have shown me that physics is seriously misguided, with Particle Physics on the foundational level being a joke, suffering from a veritable zoo of types instead of being based on just two "containers" with different levels of mass/energy..
  10. H.C. Dudley, Wallace Thornhill, V.S. Herrell, et al, have shown that Relativity and Einstein's thinking  suffered from mathemagical mysticism and reification; thus with fundamental violations of logic. See: The Personal Tragedy of Albert Einstein
  11. George Grinnell, et al, have clearly shown that the foundations for modern geology were laid down by non-geologist "gentlemen talkers" with a religious and political agenda. See: The Origins of Modern Geology
  12. Alexander Hislop, Immanuel Velikovsky, David Talbott, Dwardu Cardona, et al, have convinced me that the world's prevailing concepts of God come directly from ancient Saturn worship.
  13. Stanley Milgram has shown us that most adults in America will follow instructions to inflict abusive physical pain bordering on torture to get students to learn better. See: The Milgram Study
  14. Langdon Gilkey chronicled the long term impoundment by Japan in China of Westerners during WW2, which really opened my eyes to the corruption of "civilized" human character.
  15. Chris Reeve has chronicled a long list of important botched science episodes. See: Major Episodes of Botched Science

Also, along the way I have learned:

  1. Because of the universal need for humans to matter, and the universal human victimhood, certain men that are capable have historically sought to acquire as much stature and influence through acquisition of power, and we clearly have the continuation of this situation on earth. Thus the most dominate nations on earth compete in every way that they can, primarily through military and economic means, and currently we have China, Russia, and the United States locked in a THREATENING predatory struggle for supremacy.
  2. Capitalistic business practices have generally devolved from cooperative capitalism to predatory capitalism.
  3. So called Climate Science is a farce based on a false gradualistic paradigm, and an unreal mechanism called the "greenhouse effect". It is awash with power struggles within different factions of politics, confusion with environment pollution, all of which breeds emotionalism and petty personal agendas.
  4. The world's various societies incur rampant escapism via intoxicants, stimulants and narcotics, and/or with violent sports, entertainment and amusement. More money is spent in the world on illegal substances as defined by the DEA, than is spent on food!
  5. The majority of informal and formal marriages are devoid of mutual understanding, devolve down into power struggles, become passionless and sterile, and end in separation/divorce.
  6. Some of the most delightful cultures have now been infused with a heavy dose of immigrants from an incompatible, destructive and virulent culture with little hope of assimilation.
  7. I have formal and practical training in chemistry, and the several models used in mainstream modeling suffer from being inadequate to unimaginable in certain respects.
  8. Military budgets keep a high level of impoverishment in the various societies.
  9. The globe is now armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, and nuclear.
  10. The wealth of various populations has become increasingly and inordinately concentrated in the hands of the few.
  11. The world's societies almost exclusively rely on law backed by punishment instead of the inculcation of principles along with affirmation to keep civil order.
  12. There has been an overwhelming confusion of morality--which should be related to that which increases morale--with ethics--which should be related to decency and honor.
  13. Populations are burgeoning in third world countries while stagnating or declining in the first and second.
  14. The world’s major nations seem to have little regard for being honorable and getting along with each other.
  15. The foundation for the world’s major religions is some version of “sacred writings”, which are little more than superstition and mysticism formulated and fabricated from the ancient mythmakers.
  16. The centers of learning in the Western world have become stultified, where their merit is largely based on teaching job skills and career development, where the learning of philosophy--epistemology, metaphysics and ethics--has been almost eliminated.
  17. The world's politics and governmental systems are obviously FUBAR.
  18. Overwhelmingly, the people of the world are still suffering from Racial Amnesia and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, with attendant false guilt and denial.
  19. The world's oceans have become polluted with plastic waste products, with rampant overharvesting of seafood stock..
  20. Desertification is increasing with the loss of savannahs and grasslands,

One further point of fundamental context is that we remain still being pushed around in the back by Thanatos, the avoidance of death, and still being pulled around through our noses by Eros, the seeking of fulfillment. There seems to be almost no one willing to conclude that this situation is NOT acceptable to any God worthy of the term; no one willing to take this issue by the throat and wrestle it to the ground of understanding. Therefore, an apt analogy for humanity would be a dog chasing its own tail. The human condition--characterized by the utter failure in both of these enterprises of Thanatos and Eros--reigns supreme with no end in sight.

So, welcome to the twilight zone!

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