Imminent Fulfillment, Immortality, Safety, Empowerment, Equality, Knowledge, Unity, Society

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
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Salvation: Safety and Security

One of the elements necessary for peace of mind, safety or security should be a part of a good reality, a good universe. Being safe simply means being free from fear, free from the reality or even the possibility of harm, suffering and death.

Not being safe and secure inexorably engenders anxiety and stress. Pascal said in the context of this world of vicissitudes, danger and death, "Man is so necessarily insane, that not to be insane would just be a different form of insanity." How much of our unstable psychological condition is due to these underlying realities leading to our insecurity?

This lack of safety and security permeates every aspect of our lives. No perfect food is available, no perfect venue, climate or environment. No position on the planet is totally safe from any and every danger. There is no perfect hygiene. If we sterilize our environment, our immune systems atrophy and become more vulnerable. Even if we had biologic functional immortality with no physical degeneration, our lack of safety from temporary or permanent damage would mean that we would be overly concerned about harming ourselves, or being maimed, because evil is always looking for a way to break through our limited defense system. We would become paranoid recluses, hoarding our fragile physicality in fortresses. So, security is not the least of our needs.

Every human being has a natural desire and need for safety and security.

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