Ancient Myth Articles

A case for Atlantis
Avoiding Reductionism
Conjunction Themes
Cosmic Symbol Development
From Myth to Model
The Importance of Myth
Logic of Historical Evidence
Myth as Foundation
Myth Reconstruction Rules
Mythical Archetypes
The Meaning of Myth
Myth Memory Patterns
Memory of Planetary Upheaval
Natural References of Myth
Plausibility of Myth
Reliability of Myth as Witness
Science of Comparative Myth
   Myth - Specific
Jupiter Worship Beginning
Many Faces of Venus
Mercury Mythology
Saturn Worship Beginning
The Serpents of Creation
The White Crown
Terrifying Glory of Venus
Golden Age Interview
Revolving Crescent on Saturn
The Golden Age
The Golden Age Myth
The Central Sun
The One Ancient Story
The World Mountain
Variations on a Theme
Saturn-Venus Discussion
Catastrophism Pioneers
Heroes of the Iliad
Labyrinth & Fortress Themes
Localizing the Warrior-Hero
Male Gods in Myth
Mars Rocks & Myth
Names of Suns & Planets
The Velikovsky Affair Journals
Sacrifice & Amnesia
A Unified Mythology Theory
What Some Experts Say
The Polar Thunderbolt
Thunderbolts-Myth & Symbol
Thunderbolts of the Gods
Thundergods Celestial Marvels