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- Henry David Thoreau
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No great advance has ever been made in science, politics,
or religion, without controversy.
- Lyman Beecher

Yeshua versus Mythical Avatars
Updated: 12/01/2020

There have been some arguments that the tangible existence of Yeshua on earth was mythical. One of the arguments is that he shares so many aspects of the lives of a sizeable number of warrior-hero god-kings in more than one cultural mythology. We can ask as to why this wouldn't be expected.

Here is a list of life-aspects of mythical avatars taken from The Study of Folklore.

Mother is a royal virgin
J's mother was only descended from royalty

Father is a near relative of the mother
J's father and mother were not related

Circumstances of the conception are unusual
J's conception WAS unusual

Son of a god
J's father WAS God

An attempt by father to kill him at birth
An attempt was made but NOT by father

He is spirited away
J wasn't spirited away but had to go away

He is reared by foster parents in a foreign country
J's parents went to Egypt only temporarily

We are told nothing of his childhood
J's childhood is largely unknown

On reaching manhood he returns to the kingdom
J did not return to his land at maturity

He has a victory over a king, giant or dragon
J had a victory over "Satan"

Marries a princess
J did NOT marry

Becomes king
J only showed that he COULD have been king

Reigns uneventfully
J never reigned

Proscribes laws
J replaced laws with principles

He later loses favor with his subjects
This happened with some of J's supporters

Driven from the throne of his city
J never took the throne

Meets with unusual death
J's death WAS unusual in several aspects

Dies at the top of a hill
J DID die at the top of a hill

Children, if any, often do not succeed him on throne
J had not children

He  is not buried
J was not buried

But has one or more sepulchres
J had only ONE sepulchre

Hero score:

  1. Oedipus               22
  2. Theseus                20
  3. Yeshua                   5-9
  4. Romulus               17
  5. Hercules               17
  6. Perseus                 16
  7. Zeus                     15
  8. Jason                    15
  9. Robin Hood          13
  10. Apollo                  11

As you can see Yeshua has the lowest score on the list.

Other attributes:

  1. Born of virgin on Dec 25
  2. Stars appeared at birth
  3. Visited by Magi from the East
  4. Turned water into wine
  5. Healed the sick
  6. Cast out demons
  7. Performed miracles
  8. Transfigured before followers
  9. Rode donkey into city
  10. Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver
  11. Celebrated communal meal with bread and wine
  12. Represented the savior's flesh and blood
  13. Killed on a cross or tree
  14. Descended into hell
  15. Resurrected on third day

  16. Ascended into heaven

  17. Sits next to father and becomes divine judge

End of the list from The Study of Folklore.

Although some of the aspects above have been "pasted" on him, the author's position is that this relationship is not just incidental. It is clear enough that God used the existing religious mythos where fruitful in the life of Yeshua. Yeshua DID purposely pattern his life somewhat after the universal Saturnian religious mythos, and especially after the Egyptian warrior-hero god, Horus, and for good reason. His first challenge, showing up as a "mere" human, was to get noticed and generate some framework outside of that in the Old Testament, and from just being considered to be the Judaic Messiah or the Greek Christ.

The bottom line is that even though Yeshua used some of the language of the warrior, any suggested violence or warfare ALWAYS applied to the battle for truth. He NEVER crossed the line in doing violence to a human being, which is something that EVERY OTHER warrior hero did, including the Old Testament Yahweh or Jehovah.

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