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  one who is striking at the root."
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Babel & Confusion of Tongues
Date: Thursday, June 05, 1997 8:20 PM

TH wrote:

The basic thesis in question is Dwardu's notion that the story of the tower of Babel has nothing to do with languages and signifies only the collapse of the Polar light column.


The story of the Tower of Babel, elsewhere alluded to as the Tower of Kronos/Saturn,  which is found around the world, IS a garbled echo of the collapse of the Axis Mundi (or polar column).

Whether the EVENT, as opposed to the TALE, has anything to do with the confusion of languages remains to be seen. Strickling, whom I mentioned before, has given a scientific explanation of what this confusion of languages might have been. And, in the Foreword I wrote for his book, I stated that "his insights concerning the non-origin of language  differences (based on the much misunderstood Genesis account), as well as his revelations on the effects of Extremely Low Frequency electromagnetic fields (as they apply to the Babel myths), took me completely by surprise when he first brought them to my attention. I am almost envious I did not think of them myself."

The above was originally written in August of 1985. Twelve years later, I have not yet given up on Strickling's insightful conclusions, which is why I allowed him to reprint my foreword to his book in 1996. I still believe that he may have gotten hold of the unicorn by the horn. And this DESPITE my re-translation of Genesis 11.

Which means that, unlike TH, I DO keep an open mind. I DO consider all available evidence. And, yes, in some instances I am capable of harboring more than one solution to the same problem, even though I know that, in the end, at most, only one of them can prove to be  correct. It may also turn out that both solutions are wrong. And THAT is the way a truly open mind works.

I am not obstinate. And I am seldom adamant. I have had reason to back-track a little in the past, and I do believe I might have to do it again in the future. I am not ashamed of that. My concern is not to prove myself correct, but to try and find out what is possibly true.

Dwardu Cardona.

Site note re Golden Age telepathic communication:

It is the premise of this site that before and during the Golden Age on earth humans had the faculty of telepathic communication, one to one and one to many; and that this facility precluded the necessity of verbal sound symbol language. During this era, the voice would have been used primarily in the production of music and in intimate relationship as emotional signals.

Loss of telepathic communication

When the Saturnian Polar system broke up, the attendant catastrophe overwhelmingly traumatized the human race and also changed the electro-dynamic environment. Probably through some combination of these two developments the race lost most of this telepathic functionality, and various cultures around the world of necessity had to simultaneously and rapidly develop sound-symbol languages to communicate beyond the usage of mere signals. THIS was the origin of the approximately 100 different verbal languages we find around the world today.

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