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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Astral Catastrophic Linguistics
Updated: 01/13/2021

The following is a list of words out of an American dictionary that definitely or most probably relate to the planet gods of the Golden Age alignment or to the catastrophic breakup of the cosmos, that ancient benevolent environment or planetary formation.  The major elements of the great disaster were violence, disarray of all that was important in the heavens, displacement of rock and soil material, ice, salt water, wind, fire and electricity, all raining down on the earth.

Note: A pentagram is called a mare cross or Devil star.

stare, and derivations
stark, starkness
starlet, starling
start, and derivations
startle, and derivations
starve,  and derivations
starvation, starveling
stereo, and derivations
sterile, and derivations
stern, and derivations
stir, and derivations
sturdy - stunned, reckless, hard to control

- a punctuation mark with the form of a star. Note the connections to "risk".
asteroid - a rocky body in the Solar System
- in excited activity
astonied - bewildered, dazed, astonished, related to the catastrophes where stones fell from the sky
astonish - from roots meaning to thunder; to fill with great surprise or wonder, also related to the ancient stones falling from the sky
astound - to bewilder, astonish
astray - off the right path, in error
astrict - to bind, constrict, limit, curtail
astrology - ancient astronomy in regard to planetary motion

catastrophe - down star stroke, an event that causes great harm or damage
- bad star, an event that causes great harm or damage

monastery - from roots meaning lone star

MARS - the Greek ARES
- plowable, capable of being turned over
arbalest - a medieval crossbow
arbiter - a person who comes to judge
arbitrary - absolute, despotic or capricious
arbitrate - to give a decision
arbor - a place covered over by trees
arboraceous - treelike
arboreal - of or like a tree
arc - the part of a circle that is the apparent path of a heavenly body
arcade - a covered passageway
arcane - hidden or secret
arch - curved structure
arch - chief or principal
arch - clever, crafty or mischievous
archaic - belonging to an earlier period
archery - the practice or art of shooting arrows
architect - any planner, builder or creator
archly, archness - mischievously; mischievousness
archon - lord or ruler
arctic - cold or frigid
arcuate - to arch, bend like a bow
ardent - intense in feeling, passionate; glowing, radiant, burning, aflame
ardor - passion, intense heat
arduous - difficult to bear, laborious, onerous
area - from roots meaning arid, bare place
arena - any sphere of struggle or conflict
arenaceous - sandy or growing in sand
areola - a small, dark area around something
arete - a sharp, narrow ridge or crest of a mountain
argent - gleaming or silvery
argol - a deposit of tartar
Argonaut - any of the men who sailed with Jason in search of the "Golden Fleece"
argot - from roots meaning to claw, spur
argue - to contend, have a disagreement, to quarrel or dispute
arid - dry, lacking in usable water; lifeless, dull
arise - to get up, move up or ascend
aristocracy - those considered the best in some way
ark - a place or thing furnishing protection
ark - a box or cube
- an extended part; a branch of a tree
arm - to provide with weapons; to prepare for conflict or war
armada - a fleet of warships
armament - military forces and equipment
armature - a protective covering for defense
armet - a protective helmet
armillary - designating a model of the celestial sphere used since ancient times, formed of rings
armipotent - mighty in battle
armistice - from roots meaning a standing still of arms
armor - any defensive or protective covering
army - a large military force, body or unit
aroma - originally relating to the smell of organic or petroleum compounds
around - in a circle or encircled
arouse - to awaken, to stir as to action or strong emotion
arraign - to bring before a court, to question or accuse
arrange - to put in the proper place or order
arrant - out-and-out, notorious
array - to place in order, to marshal troops for battle; military force
arrest - to stop, to detain, to capture
arrive - to come to shore, to land
arriviste - a person who has recently come to power, an upstart, a parvenu(!)
arrogance, arrogant - quality or state of being overbearing in pride; overbearing, haughty
arrogate - to seize without right
arrow - a slender shaft for shooting or being shot
arroyo - a dry gully
arse - a vulgar term for the buttocks
arsenal - a place for making or storing weapons; a collection of weapons
arsenic - from roots meaning gleaming or gold; a silvery-white very poisonous element
arsis - from Gr. roots meaning a lifting up
arson - the crime of purposely setting on fire
art - from a base meaning to join, to fit together
arterial - designating or of a main channel with many branches
artful - sly, cunning or crafty
arthro - from Gr. arthron meaning to join, fit
article - a segment or section of a document
articulate - having parts connected by joints
artifact - any object made by human work
artifice - a clever expedient, a sly or artful trick
artillery - apparatus for hurling heavy, destructive missiles
artless - clumsy, crude

disarm - to reduce or do away with armed forces or armaments
disarrange - to undo the order or arrangement
disarray - to throw into disorder

era - a period of time considered in terms of noteworthy events and developments
eradicate - to tear out by the roots, to wipe out; destroy
erase - to rub, scrape, scratch, or wipe out
Erato - Greek muse of erotic lyric poetry
ere - from roots meaning to burn, to shine; dawn, early, before
erect - straight up, vertical
erethism - extreme irritability or sensitivity
eristic - from roots meaning to strive, dispute
erne - a great eagle living near the sea
erode - to eat into, to wear away
Eros - Gr. god of love, son of Aphrodite
erose - irregular, as if torn away
erosion - an eroding
erotic - pertaining to sexual love
err - to wander or go astray
errand - a mission of message or purpose
errant - of a journey of error, wandering, straying from what is right
erratic - irregular, wandering, random, purposeless
erroneous - wrong, based on error
error - a departure from what is correct, right or true
erst - at first, originally
erupt - to burst forth or break out
erythema - from roots meaning to redden; abnormal redness of skin resulting from irritation
erythrism - unusual redness
erythro - red

mar - to offend, disturb, anger, injure or damage so as to make imperfect, to spoil, disfigure
maraca - a percussion instrument
maranatha - invocation to the lord forming an intense curse with preceding anathema
marasmus - a condition of progressive emaciation, from Gr. marasmos meaning a wasting away
marathon - an endurance race or contest
maraud - to rove in search of plunder, to raid, plunder, pillage
marble - to stain or make mottled or chaotically colored
marcescent - from Latin verb meaning to wither, decay, grow soft or rotten
march - to walk with regular steps in a military formation, a long tiring walk
march - a boundary, border, or frontier
mare - a sea or ocean, a large dark area on the moon or Mars
mare - the evil spirit that was once thought to produce disturbing dreams
mare's-nest - a disorderly or confused condition, a mess
mare's tail - long, narrow cirrus clouds supposed to be a sign of wind
margin - fringe or limit as to what is desirable
marginal - on the border of being profitable or non-profitable
marimba - a percussion instrument
marina - (relating to the sea) a small harbor or boat basin
marinate - from Fr. marinar meaning to pickle in brine
- of or relating to the sea
mark - a spot, stain, scratch, blemish, mar, bruise, dent etc.
marksman - one who shoots with effect
marque - seisure, reprisal
marquis - a lord or controller
marry - to conjoin or join intimately, unite
marry - an exclamation of surprise, anger
marsh - a tract of low, wet, soft land; a swamp, bog, morass
marshal - military commander in charge of martial affairs
marshal - to gather forces or troops
Marsupial -
martial - of or suitable for war; showing a readiness to fight; warlike
martinet - a strict, overbearing disciplinarian
martyr - a person who chooses to suffer or die rather than capitulate
martyrdom - a severe, prolonged suffering
marvel - a wonderful, astonishing, awesome or awful thing
monarch - lone ruler
remark - to notice, observe
remarkable - noteworthy, extraordinary


Convene, Convenient - original roots meant with Venus or inline with Venus
Convent - original roots meant with Venus or inline with Venus
Convention - original roots meant with Venus or inline with Venus
Conventional - original roots meant with Venus or inline with Venus
Coven - original roots meant with Venus or inline with Venus
Covenance, Covenant - original roots meant with Venus or inline with Venus

inane - empty, vacant
innards - the inner parts of anything
innate - from roots meaning to be born in, originate in
inner - from old word innerra meaning farther within, more central, as in the trimurti of Ares, Innanna, Chronos
inning - an enclosing or reclaiming, as of wasteland
innocence, innocent - free from harmful effect or cause

venal - being or capable of being corrupted or prostituted
venatic - of or engaging in hunting
vend - to offer for sale, from L. venus (sale, exchange) and dare (to give)
vendetta - vengeance, any vicious quarrel or feud
venerable - worthy of respect
venerate - to worship, revere, from L. venus
venereal - from L. venus, having to do with sexual love
venery - the practice of hunting, the chase
vengeance - the return of an injury for an injury
vengeful - desiring or seeking vengeance
venial - akin to venus, forgivable, pardonable, excusable fault or error
venison - the flesh of a hunted game animal; from L. venus (love, desire)
venom - from L. veninum meaning a juice or potion, relating to L. venus
venose - veined or veiny
vent - to escape or let out, expose to the air, from L. ventus (a wind)
ventail - a movable piece of helmet armor
ventral - of, near, on, or toward the belly or middle
venture, adventure - a risky or dangerous undertaking
venturesome - risky, hazardous
venturi - a tube constricted to increase the velocity of flow
venue - from venir (to come, to pass, to go); locality where a crime, tragedy or something significant is committed
Venus - the planet, the goddess of love and beauty, anciently called Lucifer or light bearer

SATURN - EL - THOR - Greek golden god CHRONOS
- Houses on high places
- golden crown
au revoir - from roots meaning gold; to see again
aurium, auric, aurous - gold or containing gold
auroch - a male bull-like animal
aurora - goddess of dawn, now luminous displays in the polar regions

chronic - lasting a long time or recurring often
chronicle - a historical record or facts or events arranged in the order in which they happened
chronology - the arrangement of events, dates in proper sequence
chronometer - instrument for measuring time intervals
crock - from a German base meaning to turn, twist; a broken piece of earthenware
crock - to soil with soot or smut
crock - from a root meaning a weak, crippled person; anything useless or wornout
crock - to disable, injure
crone - a ugly, withered old woman
Cronus - a Titan who overthrew his father to become ruler of the cosmos, the Roman Saturn
crony - an old friend
crook - a bending or being bent
croon - from Gr. root meaning to growl
crop - to cut short or cut back
cross - any trouble or affliction one has to bear, something that thwarts or frustrates
cross - to extend or reach across; to intersect
cross - to go counter to or oppose
cross out - to cancel or eliminate
crossbones - symbol of death or danger
crossbred - hybrid or mongrel
crossroad - the point where one must decide between different courses
crotch - a forked place
crouch - from Fr. root meaning to be bent
crow - a black bird
crowd - to press, push, or squeeze
crown - from L. & Gr. roots meaning curved object
crown - the summit or highest point
crown - to make a person a monarch; to enthrone or make royalty
crucial - of supreme importance; decisive, critical; extremely trying, severe, difficult
crucible - a severe test or trial, as of trial by fire
crude - from L. crudus meaning bleeding, raw, rough
cruel - from L. crudus; seeking to inflict pain and suffering
cruise - to cross, to sail from place to place
cruller - from Du. krullen, a twisted doughnut
crumb - a small piece broken off; a worthless, despicable person
crumble - to break into or fall to pieces
crummy - dirty, cheap, shabby, disgusting
crumple - to cause to collapse, to fall or breakdown
crunch - to press, grind, tread, fall with a crackling sound
cruor - gore
crusade - vigorous, concerted action for war
crush - to press between opposing forces; to subdue or oppress by force
crust - to form a hard layer
crutch - from roots having to do with twist, turn, bend; a forked device of aid
crux - cross; a difficult problem or puzzling thing; the deciding point
cry - to wail, shriek, clamor
cryo - from Gr. kryos meaning cold, relating to L. crudus
crypt - from Gr. kryptos meaning hidden, a hidden chamber
cryptic - from Gr. kryptos meaning hidden, having a hidden meaning, mysterious, baffling

Deus - L. God
deutero - orig. from root meaning to move away
deuterogamy - marriage after death or divorce of first spouse
diva - fem. of divus or God
divagate - to wander about
divaricate - to spread widely apart
dive - to make a steep, sudden descent
diverge - to go or move in different directions
diverse - from roots meaning to turn aside
divert - to turn aside
divide - to separate, split up, sever
divination - a foretelling of the future
divine - from Gr. roots having to do with sulfur, meant healing, corrective, curing
divorce - from roots meaning to turn separate ways

elaborate - to work out, to labor greatly, painstaking
elan - from roots meaning to dart, to throw or throw out
elan vital - the original vital impulse of consciousness and nature
elapse - to glide away, to pass–said of time
elastic - from roots meaning to set in motion, to drive out
elate - to bring out, to lift up
eld - ancient times
elder - of longer standing or superior rank
eldritch - weird, eerie
elect - from roots meaning God logic; chosen by God
Electra - name of one of the planet gods
electric (and all variations) - from the god Electra
electrum - a light yellow alloy of gold and silver
elegant - from roots meaning God logic or God choice; designed, dignified richness
elegy - a poem/song lament for the dead or departed
element - orig. Any of the four substances associated with El, ie. earth, air, fire, water
elemental - basic and powerful
elephant - from roots meaning God fauna
elevate - from roots meaning God to raise; to lift up, to raise in pitch, volume, rank, level
elevation - a high place or position
eleven - orig. God plus ten
elicit - to cause to be revealed
elide - to strike out, to leave out, to suppress
eliminate - to banish, to take out, to get rid of
elite - group regarded as the finest
elixir - orig. God substance
ellipse - from roots meaning a defect, to fall short
ellipsis - the omission of something necessary
elocution - from roots meaning God speak
Elohim - Hebrew plural of El signifying the trimurti or trinity
eloign - to take oneself away
elope - to leap up and run away
eloquence – Godlike persuasive power
else - that yonder one
elucidate - from roots meaning God light
elude - to escape from by quickness
Elul - twelfth month of Jewish year
elusive - hard to retain
elute - to remove by a solvent
eluvium - an accumulation of dust and soil particles caused by disintegration
Elyisian - like Elysium, happy, joyful, delightful
Elysium - from roots meaning God plain; place of virtuous people after death

Saturday - Saturn's day or Chronos' day
Saturnalia - The ancient Roman festival of Saturn in celebration of the winter solstice
Saturnian - of the roman god Saturn, whose reign was called "the Golden Age"
sate, satiate - To fill, to satisfy
- A small planet or fawning follower or dependent
- A literary work where follies are held up to ridicule and contempt
- to fill, to satiate
- to inundate and thoroughly soak  (with water, a very clear Saturnian reference)
- born under the influence of Saturn, sluggish, gloomy, morose, taciturn
satyr - a lusty or lecherous deity or man
satyriasis - abnormal or uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse

theo - combining form meaning god; relating to Gr. theion or sulfur
theobromine - orig. God food
theocentric - centered on God
theocracy - the rule of a state by God
theology - from Gr. roots meaning God word
theomachy - battle among the gods
theophony - visible appearance of a god to man
theorem, theory - from roots meaning God view
theosophy - from roots meaning God wisdom

zenith - the point in the sky directly overhead
zeolite - from roots meaning to swell up when heated
zero - the point from which positive and negative directions are referenced
Zeus - the supreme deity of the ancient Greeks

- the reference to the planet Jupiter, the rebirth of Saturn or Chronos
jovial - relating to gayety and good humor
Jovian - majestic, relating to the reborn king
juvenal - rebirth, springtime
juvenescent - becoming young again, growing youthful
juvenile - young, youthful, immature

rejuvenate - to make or feel young again, bring back to strength again

Thor - the god of thunder, war and strength
thorax - the middle one
thorough - orig. meant passing through

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