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  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Discussion Group Coliseum

With the E-mail welcoming posts to the group for the new member "Lax" still fresh in my mind and having had several other short "honeymoon" experiences, I laughed (insanely) until I cried after reading the above post from "Lxxx".  We now have the capability of lowering our MUD (mostly unsane dialogue) slinging to a "hole 'nother level."  What fun and games!  Watching "Exx" and "Txx" go at it over several more meaningful issues (not to mention "Cxxx" and "Pxxx" going at it over ancient chronology reconstruction, with "Exx" contributing "mightily" on the side of the "experts") was going stale compared to "Lxxx's" slashing attack on poor (I doubt that he saw this post coming) "Dxxx" over the "Hebrew" translation into English of some ancient Bible verses originally written in Akkadian.

How do I "know" that the first 13 chapters of Genesis were written in Akkadian instead of Hebrew?  Well, I "learned" THAT in the accredited Theological Seminary that I attended from a "language expert" professor, of course.  Need I say anymore about "experts?"

Anyway, with the addition of two or three more female scholars to the group, maybe we can get a real game up–say, between the Femerones and the Testhermones.  Hoo-Hah!  Mother-may-I be the scorekeeper?  In anticipation of this I have worked up a scoring system of 1 to 10 for the following categories:

  1. Emotional reaction disguised as reasonable response

  2. Foolish consistency

  3. Obscurantism/obfuscation

  4. Obduracy/obstinacy

  5. Personal vituperation/corrosive wit

  6. Illogicalities/hypocrisy

  7. Ignorance/evasion of real issue

  8. Arrogance/hubris

  9. Straw-man erection/nitpicking

  10. Most hidden agenda/paradigm

  11. Cultural/modern myth entrammelment

  12. Intellectual/debate gamesmanship

  13. Close-mindedness/intractability

  14. Narrow vision/hypoactive imagination

  15. Unawareness/denial of own personal belief elements

  16. Vocabulary of techno-jargon

  17. Appeals to experts and establishment positions

  18. Appeals to devils and demons

(Why are these last two actually separate categories?  To level the playing field between the socio-biologically inclined reductionist materialists and the sacred book fundamentalists, of course:-)

Seriously, insofar as ancient language translation is concerned, we need to remember that there is no authoritative dictionary produced by the ancient people themselves to define or explain in detail what their various ancient words mean to/for us, buried as we are in our own outrageous heap of modern mythology.  IMHO there are only two primary methods for getting at the meaning of a questionable word or phrase in an ancient language:

1)  Find the way the word or phrase is used in context in as many other places in other ancient literature or written material and intuitively develop an ever better idea of what the word means, and

2)  Find the word or phrase used in a "Rosetta stone" where there are parallel passages written in two or more contemporary ancient languages.  This opens up the contribution of whatever understandings that have been independently established in other language(s).  (I have heard it claimed by "experts" that when the Ebla tablet material is fully developed that at least 25% of the Old Testament will have to be retranslated.)

Failing to use one of these two methods, one must default to listening to an expert (or even worse, a committee of experts), who, if they are a real expert instead of just a low-grade programmed expert, will have accomplished the above for themselves.  These two methods themselves are generally doomed to being pitiful in the absence of good and proper exegesis (which implies an ability to imaginatively reconstruct the physical or environmental, cultural, social and psychological issues relevant to what the ancient author is saying; never a given), which is the real issue at the heart of the heart-warming "collaboration" between "Dxxx" and "Lxxx" to arrive at the truth. "Dxxx" is standing there believing in the Saturnian Polar Configuration as the foundation for all mythological themes and religious ideas and looking at some poor traumatized ancient victim who wrote the words trying to come up with a mythology that explained the breakup, whereas "Lxxx" is probably looking at those naughty, disobedient rebel children about which god had to kill most of them and do something so helpful as to confound their communication.

What is wrong with this overall confusion and picture of the sophisticated squabbling scholars?  As Rod Sirling used to say, "Do not attempt to adjust your television set.  You are in the twilight zone and we control the transmission."  Most of the participants of this discussion group seem to have not remembered that Dr. V. was first and foremost a psychoanalyst.  Whether the specific agencies (Venus, Mars, etc.) or specific times or cycles he identified for the astral catastrophe(s) were right or not,  the bottom-line point of his reconstruction was that the whole of mankind has been and still is suffering from racial psychological trauma severe enough to cause "collective amnesia" and denial  This is a way of saying that we are controlled by that which we know not.

Amnesia is characterized by an inability to remember who you are and certain critical aspects of the past, unawareness of the trauma agency and event, and the inability to be normally  responsible or in control of your own "reception" because of scotoma filters.  If Dr. V. was right, each one of us, myself included, needs to be aware of the possibility that we are not fully psychologically sound (unsane) and all but willfully missing the "big picture", and while in denial we are our own worst enemy.  But our attitude seems to be: WE DON'T NEED NO STEENKEENG HUMILITY OR UNITY when the transparently thin veneer of scholarship and civility will do! We would rather be irascible and never admit it and impose wrongness on the other person instead of trying to see where they could be right; we continue to bicker and argue, be sarcastic and disagreeable, continue to put down rather than lift up.  Are we not acting like we are irritable, wounded and traumatized?

Oh, but may the games continue; long live the games! And may the best man (woman) beat the others, but you will never win.  Welcome to the discussion coliseum arena, "Lax".

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