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- Henry David Thoreau
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"The thing that struck me most... was the ephemeral character of the theories which successive generations of astronomers have been pontifically propounding to the world as "discoveries" of absolute truth.  I could not forget that [James] Jeans and [Arthur] Eddington thoroughly discredited [Pierre-Simon] Laplace... with their new theories as to the origin of the solar system.  Now come Hoyle and Nettleton only ten or twenty short years after Jeans and Eddington, and thoroughly discredit their theories as well.  It therefore occurs to me that if the holy script of orthodox astronomy is of so temporary and ephemeral a nature and if directly contradictory theories and beliefs are the fashion among them every ten years or so, what right have they got to question your hypotheses [Worlds in Collision] with such conviction?" - Abraham Tulin

It seems most ironic that the scientific method that Descartes, Bacon, and friends presented to release humanity from the tyranny of organized religion now threatens to become further dogma. - Brian Van der Horst, "Science and Scientism", New Age, September, 1979, p.20.

The Importance of Catastrophism
Updated: 02/14/2020

Matthew Pasek, professor of geosciences at University of South Florida, published an article in www.theconversation.com titled "Catching lightning in a fossil and calculating how much energy a strike contains."


This is an important article because it shows once again that without an understanding of ancient but relatively recent catastrophism one just CANNOT get the context for the truth in so very many areas. The article is about a study of fulgurites where they are trying to estimate the power of lightning strikes by measuring the size and length of the fulgurites found around the earth.

"So based on our calculations, how close does Hollywood come, with estimates like in Back to the Future of 1.21 gigawatts of power in lightning? Power is energy per time, and our measurements of fulgurites suggest that megajoules of energy make rock in thousandths to millionths of seconds.

"So a gigawatt is actually on the low side – lightning power may be a thousand times that, reaching into the terawatts, though the average is probably tens of gigawatts." - MATTHEW PASEK, "There's way more energy in a bolt of lightning than we thought."

Guess what? There is a huge and disturbing anomaly that they have found, i.e., that the larger strikes are far outside the average. Of course, they don’t have a clue that the larger fulgurites could have (probably have) been caused by INTER-PLANETARY DISCHARGES, which would dwarf our normally experienced lightning. This leaves them thinking what is in the quote provided below, that lightning may be up to 1000 times as powerful as is actually the case.

An oddity in the pattern

When we looked at these fulgurites in depth, something odd came out of the data. Our energy measurements followed something called a 'lognormal' trend.

Rather than following the bell curve we often see in the distribution of natural phenomena – like, for instance, the heights of American men – the energy curve was less equally balanced. For heights, the same number of men are two inches above average as are two inches below.

But for lightning, the large lightning strikes were much larger than the average, while the smaller strikes were not so much smaller than the average. Strikes that were twice the average were as frequent as those that were half the average.

Now why might this be at all interesting or useful? Measuring the energy in lightning is a way of measuring potential damage: A lightning strike can vaporize rock, so what might it do to wood or electronics?

Our measurements show that the biggest lightning strikes are multiples of the average lightning strikes: A big one might be 20 times as large as the average.

Repression of catastrophism in the last 200 years

Up until the middle of the nineteenth century, the thinking of civilization concerning the human past on earth was catastrophic. Then in England along came men like Babbage, Lyell, Scrope, Darwin and Mantell, etc., who, with an anti-religious agenda and a concerted effort, managed to replace catastrophism with gradualistic, uniformitarian and evolutionistic thinking in the halls of academia and to a great extent, the public consciousness. See: Origin of Modern Geology

These men succeeded largely by introducing vast amounts of time into the interpretation of geological and paleontological strata on the surface of the earth. Currently, these systems of reconstruction of the past prevail and are vigorously prosecuted in science and academia, while planetary catastrophism is denied and repressed with a vengeance.

Because of this denial of the earth's recent past, now there is not the slightest indication in the article that any one of the scientists even asked the question as to whether they should consider ancient thunderbolts as the possible cause of these outsized fulgurites. So, the Uniformitarian thinking is still alive and well, and it precludes and excludes other more promising explanations. Every geologist should be exposed (have his nose rubbed in?) to this article and the issue.

For important information on a historic cometary catastrophe see:

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