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  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is
ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third,
it is accepted as being self-evident.
- Schopenhauer

Problem of Paradigm Lockout
Updated: 03/11/2020

One of the basic problems we as catastrophists have, especially those of us that are "Saturnists," is that of paradigm lockout.  This is where pieces of the old paradigm that are almost universally accepted but are incorrect preclude or lockout consideration of pieces of a new or more correct paradigm.  The scientific establishment is constantly throwing up such pieces of the gradualist or uniformitarian paradigm that are clearly incompatible with the catastrophic Saturn scenario.

An example of this is where an erstwhile contemplator of the Saturn myth reconstruction considers the ostensible evidence of something hovering motionless over the north pole as observed by ancient people in the Southern hemisphere at the same time ancient people in the Northern hemisphere were seeing Saturn residing over their pole.  Clearly something is unusual or not understood, and the establishment default position is to denounce the new paradigm as ridiculous. One of the proposed answers of course is that during the "Golden age" there was only the one continent of Pangea facing Saturn as it presided over the one pole that was visible to all.  Geologists generally understand that at some time in the past there was a single continent that drifted apart into the present arrangement via the mechanism of "continental drift."  However, this clearly would require the "millyuns and billyuns" of years they are so fond of and in so critical need of in their amnesiacal state of denial and their deep-seated emotional reaction to fundamental "buy-a-bull thumping." Thankfully, there is a different answer that has not been widely explicated yet.

What I am proposing is that we collaborate and see if we can't come up with all or most of the new pieces necessary to synthesize a coherent, integrated and more comprehensive paradigm that addresses most of the lockout issues, and when taken as a whole would preclude the above referenced paradigm lockout.  I propose further that, if we can agree on a somewhat comprehensive core of pieces, we present the outline of the total paradigm in a list of the pieces and ask the Intersect discussion group to consider it.  Those that generally agree with most of the paradigm we would ask to primarily support and substantiate, but also to criticize and modify the pieces that are in their particular field of interest or expertise.  Those that generally disagree with the overall paradigm we would ask to just not be involved at all.  This I think would be a positive and constructive focus and "team effort" to further our collective understanding, harmony and identity, something that the discussion group needs in order not to sink further into the sea of dissociated confusion.

I propose the following list of paradigm "bones"--many of which Velikovsky provided--to which I would be pleased for you to add to, and to criticize:


I.  Life Origins and modifications

A.  The physical form of humans and some other original forms of life were designed for and introduced into a benevolent environment known as the GA by some intelligent agency

B.  Man is genetically the most stable life form (against evolutionary drift or catastrophically induced structural/species change)

II.  Cosmology/Solar System structure/Saturn Scenario

A.  Venus was fissioned out of Saturn when the Saturnian system of Earth, Mars and other moon satellites of Saturn came into contact with the solar heliopause. Saturn lost a fair portion of its charge. Polar alignment of Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn lined up at that time. The aligned planets were enshrouded in an opaque plasma sheath as they spiraled toward the solar equator, and intersected it somewhere in the vicinity of Jupiter's orbit. Interaction with Jupiter broke up the alignment, and the earth temporarily became a satellite of Jupiter before that arrangement was broken. The various planets involved began settling into the plane of the ecliptic, but some had intersecting elliptical orbits before the interplanetary discharge circularized these to non-interacting.

1.  Earth, Mars, Venus very close to each other and Saturn during the alignment.

2.  Saturn covers approx. 60 arc in the sky

3.  Saturn was significantly more massive and dim golden light/infrared source for Earth before and during the alignment.

4.  Field of Gravity attenuated to less than 25% of today's value.

B.  Insofar as all one can ultimately ask of "God" is to provide a spiritually and physically benevolent environment for the sustenance and enhancement of life, Saturn WAS god in the material sense for all ancient people by virtue of providing the physically benevolent or benign environment on Earth.  (Worship is the giving of credit for the origin, but more especially the sustenance and enhancement of life, and today everyone "knows" and science reinforces the idea that the sun is the self sustaining source for all the energy necessary for both.  This is tantamount to sun worship and "sun worshipping" ancient man may have done little more than anthropomorphizing this plasma energy source in the sky.

C.  Saturn catastrophe was concurrent with great deluge/ice age.

1.  Addition to Earth of large amounts of salt and ice/water

III.  Electric Universe

A.  Stars powered by intra-galactic Birkeland currents necking down on them.

B.  Universe overwhelmingly composed of plasma, and powered by Birkeland currents.

1.  Physical universe phenomena needs to be understood in terms of plasma properties and laws.

IV.  Anthropological/Psychological issues/Bicameral Brain-Mind

A.  Each human has literally two complete and distinct minds supported by two connected but distinct brains or brain hemispheres

1.  One mind is currently the seat of Self-identity/Self-consciousness, the other is now largely dis-functional and somewhat redundant, and not serving it's intended purpose. Some relatively "normal" humans have been born with only one hemisphere that developed.

B.  During the Golden Age the non-self-consciousness mind was part of the collective consciousness network.

1.  Each human had a "public" mind accessible to everyone on the mental network, and a private mind with a download/upload choice filter between.

C.  Collectively the human race was super-intelligent and capable of feats that are currently largely beyond our imagination.  This may even have been on the order of being able to tend or control the trajectory and environment of the pre-alignment Saturn system. We can speculate that it was simple irresponsibility to allow the system to drift into an environment that would destabilize its Edenic environment and cause the breakdown of the Golden Age.

D.  The collective consciousness fragmented and became dis-functional. Isolated pockets of humans around the globe had to begin the process of relying on their own individual intelligence/consciousness and to develop primitive abilities to communicate with sound symbol languages.

1.  Mankind went from a state of food gathering with no need for sleep or shelter, having no need for primitive tool oriented technology, to having suddenly the whole ecology and world structure and social system break down, and consequently started our tool oriented technology from scratch using stone first, and then, after developing enough structure and numbers to support it, went to a metallurgic technology, etc.

a.  The time span for the most advanced segments of the world population for going through the various "material" ages was a few hundred years each for the stone and bronze ages.

V.  Chronological issues

A.  Essentially everything local to the Earth that we know anything about took place less than 10,000 years ago.

B.  Traditional historical chronologies need to be shortened significantly.

VI.  Geological issues

A.  Earth was phase-locked with north facing Saturn and with material drawn up from the northern region to create the "world mountain".

1.  Southern hemisphere (Netherworld) largely inhospitable, with overhead source of lethal radiation.

VII. Post Golden Age/Historical Catastrophism

A.  Some modified version of Velikovsky/Patten Venus/Mars serial flyby catastrophes

VIII. Astrophysical issues

A.  Red-shift relating to time and distance has been falsified..

IX.    Other Related or Supporting Paradigms

A.  Holographic Universe Paradigm (I can say much about the merits of this paradigm for resolving some of the knottiest issues, not only in theoretical physics a la David Bohm, but in regard to some of the mysteries related to the human mind and the nature of reality and the human potential to dramatically change it.)

B.  Morpho-genetic Resonance Field Paradigm

1.  Lamarckism

This is far from exhaustive of all I could suggest.  There is a fair amount of speculation/conjecture in some of the above but there are also powerful reasons for such "reaching."  Maybe we could give a temporary and simple grade rating to the various parts of the overall paradigm, such as (1) necessary/crucial and we are essentially confident in it  (2) seemingly necessary/crucial and we have fair confidence in it  (3) Maybe necessary/crucial and we have some reasons for suggesting  it  (4) Interesting and stimulating, but seemingly not necessary to the support of the Saturnian Reconstruction scenario or paradigm.

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