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- Henry David Thoreau
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"Concepts which have proved useful for ordering things easily assume so great an authority over us, that we forget their terrestrial origin and accept them as unalterable facts. They then become labeled as 'conceptual necessities,' etc. The road of scientific progress is frequently blocked for long periods by such errors." - Einstein

The Holographic Universe Paradigm
Updated: 03/11/2020

Thanks to modern advances in Neuro-science and Neuro-surgery and the stimulating ideas of Julian Jaynes--The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind--and others, we have the underpinnings of a paradigm that can explain many aspects of the human experience both current and ancient that have hitherto been relatively untouched by seminal explanation.

The paradigm starts with the realization that we have two brain-minds seated in the bicameral structure inside our craniums and that these are probably the seat of two different kinds of consciousness. One of these is obviously the seat of self-consciousness, and it is proposed here that the other was designed to be the seat of a collective consciousness.

Thanks again to modern advances in science and technology and the powerful Holographic Universe paradigm of reality proposed by eminent physicist David Bohm and the equally eminent neuro-surgeon Carl Pribram, we have the other half of what can be combined with the Bicameral Mind paradigm to give a really powerful way to open new possibilities of explanation and understanding.

Here is some of what has been written in A holographic World by Marilyn Ferguson about Pribram, Bohm and the paradigm:

Pribram saw the hologram as an exciting model for how the brain might store memory. If memory is distributed rather than localized, perhaps it is holographic. Maybe the brain deals in interactions, interpreting bio-electric frequencies throughout the brain.

In 1966 he published his first paper proposing a connection. Over the next several years he and other researchers uncovered what appeared to be the brain's calculative strategies for knowing, for sensing. It appears that in order to see, hear, smell, taste, and so on, the brain performs complex calculations on the frequencies of the data it receives. Hardness or redness or the smell of ammonia are only frequencies when the brain encounters them. These mathematical processes have little common-sense relationship to the real world as we perceive it.

Neuro-anatomist Paul Pietsch said, "The abstract principles of the hologram may explain the brain's most elusive properties." The diffuse hologram makes no more common sense than the brain. The whole code exists at every point in the medium. "Stored mind is not a thing. It is abstract relationships.... In the sense of ratios, angles, square roots, mind is a mathematics. No wonder it's hard to fathom."

Pribram suggested that the intricate mathematics might be performed via slow waves known to move along a network of fine fibers on the nerve cells. The brain may decode its stored memory traces the way a projected hologram decodes or de-blurs its original image. The extraordinary efficiency of the holographic principle makes it attractive, too. Because the pattern on a holographic plate has no space-time dimension, billions of bits of information can be stored in a tiny space--just as billions of bits are obviously stored in the brain.

But in 1970 or 1971, a distressing and ultimate question began troubling Pribram. If the brain indeed knows by putting together holograms--by mathematically transforming frequencies from "out there" --who in the brain is interpreting the holograms?

This is an old and nagging question. Philosophers since the Greeks have speculated about the "ghost in the machine," the "little man inside the little man" and so on. Where is the I--the entity that uses the brain?

Who does the actual knowing? Or, as Saint Francis of Assisi once put it, "What we are looking for is what is looking."

Lecturing one night at a symposium in Minnesota, Pribram mused that the answer might lie in the realm of gestalt psychology, a theory that maintains that what we perceive "out there" is the same as--isomorphic with --brain processes.

Suddenly he blurted out, "Maybe the world is a hologram!"

He stopped, a little taken aback by the implications of what he had said. Were the members of the audience holograms--representations of frequencies, interpreted by his brain and by one another's brains? If the nature of reality is itself holographic, and the brain operates holographically, then the world is indeed, as the Eastern religions have said, maya: a magic show. Its concreteness is an illusion.

Soon afterward he spent a week with his son, a physicist, discussing his ideas and searching for possible answers in physics. His son mentioned that David Bohm, a protege of Einstein, had been thinking along similar lines. A few days later, Pribram read copies of Bohm's key papers urging a new order in physics. Pribram was electrified. Bohm was describing a holographic universe.

What appears to be a stable, tangible, visible, audible world, said Bohm, is an illusion. It is dynamic and kaleidoscopic--not really "there". What we normally see is the explicate, or un-folded, order of things, rather like watching a movie. But there is an underlying order that is father to this second-generation reality. He called the other order implicate, or enfolded. The enfolded order harbors our reality, much as the DNA in the nucleus of the cell harbors potential life and directs the nature of its unfolding.

In the holographic model the implicate or non-manifest realm of reality is considered to be like a hologram that, as in holography, can be created by two beams of coherent light, one being a reference beam and the other an object beam with the real data or patterns. In holography, after the hologram is created it takes only one beam of coherent light to activate the three dimensional projection of explicate or manifest reality. Despite interesting aspects of manifest reality to which scientists apply the label, time is really the irreversible and inviolate sequential series of all observable events. This paradigm proposes that every human being shares a co-creational role in creating the future with the Unified Collective Mind. This is not so far-fetched, in that if we are not fatalists, we all believe our volitional aspects of choice, will, decision, purpose etc., all affect/effect the future.

(Scientists) used to talk of the "spiritual" values as shadowy and unsubstantial, and the physical as solid and "real" and reliable. They are beginning to see that the opposite may well be true. We can certainly see evidence of the universal destructibility of matter: perhaps it is after all true that "reality" lies in another realm altogether, and that its values are not unsubstantial after all. - Phillips, J. B., Your God is too Small, MacMillan Publishing Co., New York, NY 10022 p. 67.

Events would be fostered sequentially and jointly by the purpose, values, and intentions of the Unified Collective Mind out at the leading point of the future creation zone before they are activated and experienced at the present. Once activated the implicate realm then becomes a complete and perfect record of all past time/reality.

In this paradigm, it is our universe to create jointly what we will without negating what has already been created, but we as psychologically disturbed human beings are currently creating a very flawed reality without even being aware of what we are doing or are capable of doing. Since the purpose/values of Mankind are not in unity (non-coherent), the implicate reality in the creation zone is formed distorted, flawed or non-ideal. Inherent in this model is the understanding that the problems with experienced reality lie in the implicate realm that is created before the explicate realm gets projected; therefore the problems cannot be solved IN the explicate or manifest realm but must be solved IN the implicate realm FROM the explicate realm before it is activated or manifested. In plain language, our spiritual problems on the most fundamental level of belief must solved.

Visualize a horizontal line representing the implicate realm now with a point on it thusly:

            Past                                                  * Future>

The asterisk is the point of the present. To the right of the asterisk is the future creation zone. In the relatively short future zone events are already being created and "set" before they are experienced in the present.

In the model, the Unified Collective Mind reference beam of unfallen humans is already coherent. The Unified Collective Mind humans would be in the explicate realm, and any empowered intelligence would, of course, have complete access to the entire implicate realm. Beyond the leading point point of creation, events do not yet exist and there is nothing to access or "know." It is possible that the creation time zone represents a safety margin and that the original intelligence actively works to keep reality together, i.e., from completely disintegrating into chaos. It is also possible that the length of the future time creation zone would be shortened as the point of continual creation & the present come into alignment as the "object" beam of Mankind comes into coherence.

The future time creation zone may disappear with all of reality becoming orderly yet completely fresh and spontaneous as the need for a safety margin is eliminated.

It is quite probable that our second brain-minds under special circumstances also have limited access to the past, present and future implicate realm, which would explain so-called extrasensory phenomena such as déjà vu, clairvoyance, precognition, etc. About 70% of the population experiences déjà vu at least once in their lifetime. Given that in this paradigm the very near term future uis created before it is experienced, it is even fathomable that some individual minds can minimally but consciously modify the very near-term future time creation zone, explaining phenomena such as telekinesis, stigmata, etc. Maybe we all do this with our choices but not decisions.

The holographic paradigm has vast potential to explain by analogy para-normal phenomena without resorting to direct intervention by "God" or "Demons." In this paradigm the Unified Collective Mind cannot totally control all of reality or the creation of reality without the co-operation of the entirety of Humankind, including those that are fallen. The restoration of this complete collective consciousness would begin with the "seed crystal" of a relatively small complement of committed individuals who have come into unity of paradigm, purpose and values (there is no other meaningful kind of unity or coherence and this would be ideal under any humanely defensible paradigm or circumstances).

Although some or most of this may seem to be wild speculation or conjecture, I have what I believe is the best possible evidence that at least the above restoration of coherence and collective consciousness is possible and within our reach.

Written by the ultimate humanist who will willingly accept only supremacy through equality under any circumstances.

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