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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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All pantheism must ultimately be shipwrecked on the inescapable demands
of ethics, and then on the evil and suffering of the world.
- Schopenhauer

Physical Universe Organism Paradigm
Updated: 03/11/2020

The paradigm stipulates that everything in the universe is part of something alive, conscious, and intelligent. The universe itself either is a living organism, or that all of the individual structures in the universe are living beings. This idea is not a new one, but rather is an old one, and it used to be called pantheism but is now called pan psychism.

Despite the terminology change, this idea embodies the essence of pantheism, and again I have no clue as to how or what reasoning one would use to define or describe a human destiny where we are comparably much less than the microscopic body mites that live in the pores of our skin, or the fleas on a dog.

Understand that as a metaphysical choice,  we generally hold a BELIEF that physical reality is not whimsical or capricious and willing to show up differently. However, IF the physical universe is an intelligent organism, it could have undergone a slight spate of emergent properties and developed a slight case of perversity. Under this unfortunate development it could quite easily decide to fool around a little here and there with us and violate our thinking.

The Big Picture.

Huge ideas and sweeping claims have extensive and sweeping consequences, ramifications and implications. Generally, they are tantamount to a paradigm and imply a paradigm change. Such ideas or paradigms should not be proffered lightly, because their implications touch and affect almost if not all facets of knowledge and disciplines.

If such a paradigm or claim is violated by any piece of valid knowledge in any area, it is flawed, and must be changed or discarded. Paradigms must be a vessel that is able to hold all valid knowledge, or an umbrella that covers all valid knowledge. Many times the entire range of ramifications are not realized by those suggesting a new paradigm or acceptance of a flawed older one. The number of areas and the many different disciplines generally require a savvy, serious, and highly educated group of thinkers, scholars, scientists and philosophers to analyze them. Not the least important of these are philosophers.

But philosophy has drifted out of favor even more than it ever was. We can speculate that this is because philosophy has become a dead course. It has become only the discipline which has focused upon the multitude of philosophers and the details of their lives versus clearly delineating crucial epistemological and metaphysical principles, and showing how the various philosophers related to or contributed to these. Never once in my 20 years of formal education were these principles presented, made clear, and their importance emphasized.

Modern academia has not structured its education and curriculum around philosophy AS IT SHOULD, but rather has featured or focused on technical education and career preparation. Today, many feel that formal philosophy is unnecessary, and more than one leading influential figure like Stephen Hawking has denounced it as irrelevant, ostensibly because science is thought to be "real" and philosophy theoretical.

Given this general disregard for philosophy and the failure to instill epistemological and metaphysical principles into those educated, of course many individuals feel no compunction to engage in this obvious group review requirement and feel compelled to ignore its needed contribution and critique. Sometimes an individual can develop a different paradigm, while taking into consideration most of the valid knowledge, but then various aspects should be vetted. Before going public with published material, the attitude of the paradigm developer or big idea proposer should be to have other people review any ideas or material with the request "Help me out here, where am I going wrong?" To do otherwise is simply unwarranted hubris and arrogance.

General Considerations

This is not necessarily a fatal flaw, but it would seem that the entire support for the idea comes in the form of implications and their interpretations, with no direct, tangible, or clear-cut evidence or indication.

Violation of epistemological principles

violation of the essence of definitions, violation of the requirement for contrast violations of boundaries

Violation of other pieces



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