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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Copernican Principle: We are not privileged observers of the world around us. We don't occupy a unique place in the universe. We are profoundly ordinary. We are not special.
     Over the centuries, as our understanding of the cosmos has grown, the Copernican Principle has proven to be correct time and time again. Copernicus discovered that the Earth wasn't at the center of the solar system. Later astronomers discovered that the solar system is located far from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Edwin Hubble then discovered that the universe extends well beyond the reaches of the Milky Way.
We have a pretty good idea of when humans will go extinct.
Washington Post, Oct 6,2017   by Christopher Ingraham

What If Paradigm
Updated: 06/11/2020

As true as the rest of the quote is, what if the last two phrases of the first paragraph above are not? The answer to that issue doesn't depend upon the balance of the quote but upon your paradigm.

Paradigm Illustration

The word paradigm comes from the Greek word, "paradeigma," which means "model or pattern." A paradigm is the basic or undergirding conceptual framework of our conceived reality that describes boundaries, affects our perceptions and determines what conclusions we make out of information and what truths we come to from our conclusions. It may be thought of as the packaging crate designed to hold a valuable thing, that being the truth, comfortably and safely. If the crate is not big enough or is shaped wrong, our valuable truth will not fit. It may be thought of as a vessel to hold liquid, where truth is the liquid. If the vessel only holds one gallon and there are two gallons of truth, when the truth is poured in we will only catch half and half will be lost.

An example showing how much difference a paradigm can make is to imagine a dark room. In the room is a conical framework raised on a stem with light bulb sockets evenly spaced over the framework. When we screw in the bulbs–our facts and information–and turn on the electricity, everyone would see the truth as looking like a Christmas tree. However, with a different framework and the sockets appropriately spaced, when the power goes on we can now have the message, "GO FOR IT." The framework weighs the same, we have the same bulbs, the same power, but what a difference in the final impact or message. Most people have only the paradigm they were programmed with by society, are unaware of it and/or never question it. A new paradigm gives rise to new possibilities of understanding and new developments. Could our paradigm affect our destiny? Should we be responsible for crafting our own?

Life as sacred

What if we defined LIFE to be that which is sustained with the fulfillment of need, enhanced by the fulfillment of desire, and considered it to be THE ONE SACRED THING in the universe. It would then be the reference standard for paradigm and truth, and all definitions and meaning should be centered around it. Biological, mental and communicational functionality would not be LIFE but would only be the basis or matrix for LIFE.

Good/Evil Right/Wrong

What if we defined GOODNESS as that which happens when a person's desire/needs are fulfilled, the process of living when LIFE is enhanced or increased; and we defined EVIL as that which happens when a person's desire/needs are not fulfilled, the processes of suffering and dying, where LIFE is reduced or destroyed. What if we defined RIGHT as describing a concept, action or situation that leads to producing or protecting LIFE; and WRONG as describing a concept, action or situation that leads to reducing or threatening LIFE.

Jesus as Paradigm

Jesus claims to be the MESSAGE or COMMUNICATION of God. What Jesus said and did is the Unified Serving Being's complete revelation or direct demonstration to us. Jesus said that he showed God to us, that he did a perfect job of it, and that it was finished. He said that he was the way, the truth, the light and the LIFE. What he said can only be understood in the context of what he did, and vice versa. Never before Jesus was there a completely noble concept of God promulgated, and never was there an adequate demonstration of such. What if we let reason and Jesus define our paradigm?


What if the original being has personality and his psyche is totally and only human. Jesus is God and Jesus is human? The word "divine" does not contrast with the word "human" any more than medicine contrasts with health, because "divine" originally comes from roots that indicate purifying, correcting, healing. What if the originator's and all other unfallen being's desires, emotions, feelings and personality are totally and only human? What if we ARE made in the image of the Original Being just like children are made in the image of their parents? What if not only Jesus but also WE are the paradigm for understanding the Unified Serving Being?

Worship versus Fear

What if worshipping in spirit means to give the Unified Serving Being credit for?:

1) initially, the origin of life
2) more importantly, the sustenance of life
3) most critically, the enhancement and fulfillment of life.

Conversely, FEAR means to give credit for the ability and/or motivation to interfere with the sustenance of life and reduce or eliminate the enhancement of life. Living in a state of fear is mutually exclusive with living in a state of worship.

Rooted in Self

What if being rooted in self, and then hearing the gospel of the kingship produces understanding which produces faith–believing adequately–which produces trust and confidence? Rooted in self means knowing yourself, and accepting yourself as you really are. Rooted in self means:

  1. Believing your life is most sacred, your intelligence is adequate

  2. Your rational faculties–logic and reason–are never to be abrogated

  3. You take responsibility for building your own belief system

  4. You own your own life and soul

  5. You have internalized ultimate authority for what is true

  6. You are the ultimate arbiter of what is good for you

  7. You are free from living at the effect of others

  8. You are dedicated to and control your own volition and purpose

  9. You have personal sovereignty over what you believe.

Veiled and Hidden Things

What if the veiled and hidden things that Jesus says will be unveiled and revealed are not our dark, childish or unethical deeds that we have done, but are truths and concepts about God/Reality that His original disciples may not have understood, truths that those men oriented toward tradition and the "world" are not ready to hear and are actively resisting?

Knowing the Father

What if Jesus and we as humans are the paradigm? What if it is not possible to understand God without understanding and knowing ourselves, and accepting ourselves as we really are? This means/includes accepting our natural desires just as they are right now and letting God raise and bring them to maturity, not fighting or rejecting our desires even though they may be infantile and misdirected.

What if God is significantly different than anyone has ever conceived him to be?  This is implied by the disciple John in John 1:  when he says, "No one has ever understood God, the only son...has made him plain."  What if the true conception of God is literally and generally, for us, too good to be true?  What if Jesus came to completely show what God is REALLY like in ALL the ways that really matter and nobody was critically listening or really paying much attention?  What if they were still locked up in their old theologies, mundane agendas and their petty concerns?  What if most of the disciples did not even understand the message of Jesus, much less believe it?  What if all of Christendom and Gnosticism have covered up, obfuscated, missed the message of Jesus?  What if it's more simple, more elegant, more profound, and more immediately pragmatic and meaningful? What if BETTER news can be heard?

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