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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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The original emergence of life and consciousness in the universe is...attributed to chance in modern cosmology.  When scholastic theology encountered inexplicable elements of reality, it frequently deemed them mysteries.  When science encounters such elements, it now tends to regard them as random chance events. B. Alan Wallacex.  Choosing Reality, p. 64.

The Ground of Creativity
Updated: 02/20/2020

One of the spiritual realities for which one must account in a philosophy or theology is that of creativity. Creativity is a reality that we both sense and experience in ourselves and others.  As humans we obviously have this dimension, but is there another source or ground of this marvelous aspect of our experience?

To his significant credit, Rupert Sheldrake has wrestled with the aspects of physical and biological morphology, and as one of the world's foremost thinkers he has given this question some deserved thought.  In a conference-seminar where we were both lecturers and where the existing paradigms in the public consciousness were significantly challenged he suggested both in a lecture and in discussions that there seem to be four general possibilities.  He proposed these four basic sources or explanations for the ground of creativity:

  1. Chance or possibility
  2. Traditional God/Creator
  3. Random mixing of Platonic forms
  4. The physical universe itself is a living intelligent organism

1. Chance or possibility.  In the godless, (no creator) "scientistic" or evolutionary paradigm the ultimate ground or explanation of creativity, of course, lies in the paradigm's overarching reality of chance or possibility.  Along with matter as we know it, life, intelligence, love, morality, aesthetics, and other human dimensions, creativity is just the first or merely one in a series of "happy accidents" or emergent properties that have developed to give us our humanity and reality as we know it.  Well, who is to say that it couldn't happen? Me, at least.

2.  Traditional God/Creator.  Probably not much needs to be said about this, because this is becoming less and less believable, and more and more repugnant to those that believe in the nobility of humankind, and are less and less enchanted with the traditional definition of God.

3. Random mixing of Platonic forms. Not sure what this means exactly, but the key word must be random.

4. The physical universe itself is a living and intelligent organism. This is one of those grandiose propositions that have such widespread appeal because they are so sweeping and extensive. It is really just a new wrinkle on an old doctrine called pantheism, but more and more non-mainstream thinkers and scientists are going there. But what is there? Would the universe be a person? With personality? What properties of personhood could we then project upon ths universe person? Does it need anything? Does it want anything? Does it get lonely get lonely? Can we relate to this universe person in any meaningful way?
     This paradigm makes us a sub-form of life, kind of like being less than fleas on a dog, but there isn't anything we can do about it. The mind apparently has no where to go in dealing with the ultimate issues. Therefore it excuses the believers from dealing with the messier aspects of reality, such as suffering and the origin of evil, and they can just concentrate on their work in a more sterile spiritual environment.

Of course, what makes sense to me is what this site promulgates: the idea that the originator of all things is, was, and always will be totally and only human, and we are descendants. Therefore, we CAN understand and deal with the ultimate issues, there IS SOMEWHERE TO GO! And the ground of creativity actually lies just where we currently experience it–in the minds of human beings.

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