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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Is Spiritual Reality important because Physical Reality
is important, OR, is Physical Reality important because
it supports Spiritual Reality? The answer is obvious!

Physical Reality versus Spiritual Reality
(Bricks versus Intangibles)
Updated: 02/20/2020

Which is more real? Physical Reality or Spiritual Reality? Which one of these realms can we know with the most certainty? The answer to the latter question is clear enough; it is the spiritual realm. In an age of materialism, this is a hard concept for people to get their head around, but bear with me. Which is destructible: things in the physical realm or eternal concepts in the spiritual realm?

The word "spiritual" is being used in its philosophical sense, essentially meaning non-material. If we were not upside down in our thinking we would use the term non-spiritual to address the physical realm instead of non-physical to address the spiritual realm.

In the physical or material realm, what is the most common or numerous identifiable physical object in our life support zone or environment? Since it is conceived that the outer shell of atoms are composed of them, it is the electron, of course. Gravity doesn't pull us through the floor because the electrons in our shoes or feet are repelled by the electrons in the floor, and the soup in the spoon doesn't drain through for the same reason, etc. However, the electron is an object that we can't even see. Science can describe some of what an electron does, and portray some things about what it is by contrast and comparison, but is mystified even as to how big it is. Even though their  oppositely charged partners, the protons, have been measured in size with great precision, much or most of the time science theorists just treat electrons as surreal dimensionless points or as "ethereal", meaning without shape and form.

So much for the sub-micro-world, but what about the macro-world? Let's start off with an analogy. What if I offered to give you a half-million free bricks? Would you just say yes and take them? If so, you'd be foolish and naive. The first thing you would do is to go into the spiritual realm and ask yourself whether these bricks can enhance your life or will detract from it, whether you want them, whether you could use them or sell them at a profit. Wanting them or not is first predicated upon purpose and then dozens of other factors. Bricks come in a variety of qualities, all the way from mud bricks dried in the sun to super-premium refractory grade, to bricks of cheese, to bricks of gold.

If we don't have a close relationship of mutual good will and friendship–spiritual aspects–then you entertain the possibility that I am just using you to unload a problem that I have. The bricks may be radioactive or pose some other bio-hazardous aspects, such as being contaminated with toxic chemicals of environmentally destructive petroleum products. If they were used as the floor or lining of pig sties, they may smell to high heaven. If they are used bricks, they may be so encrusted with mortar that the cost of reclaiming them would be greater than their worth, etc. Without first wanting to know a couple of dozen pieces of important information–wanting and information are spiritual or intangible–about the bricks you won't agree to take them.

What size are the bricks? If they are too small or too big they would be liabilities rather than assets. What shape are the bricks? If they are triangular or rounded, that lessens their value for usage. What quality are the bricks? If they are fragile or crumbly, they're no good. Even color plays a role, because if they are bilious green, they are too limited in their usage and would be unsuitable. Again, suitability is one of the spiritual realities, which are primary with the physical aspects being secondary.

So far, we've only addressed low level spiritual realities. Higher level spiritual realities come into play when our life depends upon what we believe. If you truly believe that the flesh and its needs are evil, that physicality must be shed, you will cease eating, and you will waste away and die.

People generally don't realize that they live within their belief system and that IT affects almost everything that they decide to do. Our belief system is actually far more important that our physical dwelling place.

Bottom line question: Why are some people more concerned with the physical aspects of their cars, for instance, than they are for the important aspects and elements of their belief system?

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