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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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We live in a world where 3.5 tons of TNT have been stockpiled for every
human being on Earth. There are now close to one million nuclear warheads
with the destructive potential of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
"Four faces of Collective Psychology" Horus Vol. II, Issue 1, 1985

The Agenda Dichotomy

Let's remember some basic things:

  • The ultimate, bottom line result that EVERYONE desires is to feel good
  • Life is lived, and meaning comes, on the level of feeling
  • The sustenance and enhancement of life are the two and ONLY two ultimate things that effect/affect meaning

There are two major aspects to the "human condition" in which we find ourselves that contribute to the illness of our egos, and the vitiation of our ego health:

  • Disempowerment, (this has been dealt with on the page  Empowerment)
  • Devaluation

Usually, in this general life environment of devaluation and disempowerment, people are running a primary agenda of ego gratification and support. We are naturally driven to have this agenda UNTIL we find a valid basis for ego health where our egos are not wounded and starving; where at least we no longer suffer from the devaluation implied by the vicissitudes of life and destiny of death. Only then can we shift to a different agenda. See: The Ego Problem

Secondarily, when it comes to issues of knowledge and belief in this environment of the deplorable human condition, we are usually running the agenda of defending what we know and what we believe, rather than the agenda of challenging what we believe. Why would we DO that, when what we believe is NOT WORKING?

The agenda dichotomy

If you are alive, awake and conscious, and not suicidal, you are perforce seeking either the sustenance of life or the enhancement of life. So, when it comes to the enhancement–specifically intellectual activity and endeavor–we EITHER have the agenda of seeking or looking for the truth, OR, we have some other agenda, which is usually ego directed attention, or we are looking for distraction and escapism.

ANY construct that would legitimately be deemed "good news" would have to address the ego problem, and do so on the deepest level. In order to be at peace and be secure, I need to know that I am safe and have eternal value that will not diminish or fade. Given a plausible construct for that being true, I am willing to do due diligence by looking for reasons to believe the best.

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