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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"First and above all, an explanation must do justice to the thing that is to be explained, must not devalue it, interpret it away, belittle it, or garble it, in order to make it easier to understand. The question is not 'At what view of the phenomenon must we arrive in order to explain it in accordance with one or another philosophy?' but precisely the reverse: 'What philosophy is requisite if we are to live up to the subject, be on a level with it?' The question is not how the phenomenon must be turned, twisted, narrowed, crippled so as to be explicable, at all costs, upon principles that we have once and for all resolved not to go beyond. The question is: To what point must we enlarge our thought so that it shall be in proportion to the phenomenon…?" - Excerpt from Philosophy of Mythology - Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling (1775–1854)

The Paranormal Experience

Given that there ARE paranormal experiences that many or most people have during their life time, this subject should be dealt with. Consider the mass hysteria or mass hallucinations that occur. See https://infogalactic.com/info/Mass_hysteria   Consider the prophecies and visions of "our Lady" at Medjugorje, There IS a wide variety of experiences that fall on a spectrum that runs from the extremes of schizophrenia to partial complex seizure syndrome visions to speaking in tongues to the occasional mild hallucination that can occur while under a heightened emotional state or distress. The bicameral brain/mind paradigm along with a dis-functional collective consciousness lay a foundation for understanding how one brain/mind can concoct an "experience" and deliver it to the conscious or semiconscious mind.

Sometimes called "anomalistic psychology", "paranormal activity", etc., for our purposes it includes: a class of phenomena that is not well understood, dramatic ins cope and promise, and therefore ripe for and rife with fraudulent and predatory activity.

Since every experience must involve SOME interpretation, the intellect must be prepared and empowered to interpret or override any false interpretation of these experiences.

It is the position of this site that God has nothing to do with these phenomena: they are at best  residual vestiges of our erstwhile and dysfunctional empowerment, and at worst, fraudulent. These various vestiges of paranormal ability don't really solve or resolve our major problem. As wonderful and exciting as some of these things may be, they still leave us trammeled under the human condition, under a sentence of decay and death. They still leave the world in the throes of excruciating disunity, confusion and evil. There are five very convincing reasons to exclude the involvement of God in any and all of these phenomena. These are:

  1. There IS another credible and systematic explanation
  2. Most of this activity would to be mundane and unrelated to any in which God would be involved
  3. Even that activity that one would be open to God being involved is pathetically of little benefit compared to our great need, and would be more on the order of insulting, teasing or taunting us
  4. The sum total of ALL of this activity or experience doesn't seem to have any marked or lasting effect upon the human condition
  5. Although Jesus temporarily shared the real gift of miraculous healing with his close disciples, he did not address any of the other aspects listed above, and they do not add up to the solution of the human condition that he offered

Analysis and/or suggested explanation:

A.  Telepathy, shared visions/dream telepathy, awareness of distant death or trouble, the twin phenomena
Telepathy  - See: Telepathy and Rupert Sheldrake
Shared visions/dream telepathy - This is a rare but real phenomenon, where one person is temporarily highly emotionally distressed and another sensitive person is empathetically in sync with and ministering to them. They can share a hallucination vision in common and verify later that they both "saw and heard" the same portrayal.
Awareness of distant death or trouble - This is a fairly common occurrence, and may be best explained by the breaking of a low-level telepathic connection.
The separated twin phenomena - There are amazing accounts of maternal twins that have been separated at birth, raised by different families in different areas of the country, and yet have similarly patterned their lives to an unprecedented extent, even to using the same rare brand of toothpaste and smoking the same brand and flavor of cigarettes, choosing the same type of career, etc., where the most plasusbile explanation is some kind of unconscious telepathic communication or influence.

B.  Visions, waking dreams, creation dreams, solution dreams, warning dreams
Visions - Supra normal visions may have a variety of explanations.
Waking dreams - Short, uninvited intrusions of sleep during the awake time, which probably have a mundane explanation of tiredness, boredom, sleep deprivation, etc.
Creation dreams - There are cases of creative people–Mozart comes to mind–that wake up at times with a finished design or symphony and hurry to capture it on paper while the memory of it is fresh in their conscious mind. It seems as if the non-self-conscious brain-mind has been working to design this creation like gift from God and found a chance to upload it while the person is asleep.
Solution dreams - There are other cases of designers, engineers, programmers and scientists that wake up with the solution to a extremely challenging or intractable problem they were trying to solve. As a computer programming consultant working on a challenging programming problem with which I was faced, I woke up in the middle of the night with the coding solution clearly in my mind, got dressed, and drove 15 miles down to the corporate computing center and entered the code before I forgot it.
Warning dreams or prompts - Sometimes people have dreams warning them not to go down a certain road or direction in the immediate future of their lives.

C.  Mass hysteria, Mass compulsions, mass hallucinations
Mass hysteria - After reviewing the dozens of documented historical cases around the world, you will find the overwhelming majority involve the female gender. Whether the underlying cause for this pattern is biochemical or sociological is an open question. Associated factors generally involve psychological stress including societal anxieties and pressures, unusual excitement, fears, rumors, religious beliefs, some types of reinforcement by authority figures. Given that there ARE so many cases of mass hysteria and mass compulsion–sometimes involving thousands of people–down through the ages and around the world, it is hard not to accept the concept of a collective consciousness.

D.  Split and multiple personality complex
Now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, this syndrome is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders, and the symptoms are not associated with any identifiable causes. The prevalence of this diagnosis is increasing, especially in North America, and the average number of alter identities in a subject has increased markedly. Female case outnumber those of males by several times.

E.  Partial complex seizure syndrome
Partial complex seizure syndrome - This is a quasi epileptic seizure syndrome that is associated with head injuries. In some cases the subjects have vision experiences that they claim to be indistinguishable from actual reality, and of course, if the person is significantly religious they interpret their vision as having bent transmitted by God. There is, however, a correlation of the subject matter with the scientific understanding of the time valid or not, and also with a subject that the person had lately been concerned about or something that made a big impression on them.

F.  Schizophrenic voices and compulsions

G.  Near death experience
Near death experience - Ostensibly, the compelling factor in accepting the near death experience as an actual passage is the commonality of the aspects. However, this should not be surprising if the experience is internally generated by the release of endorphins, which would tend to have a common effect upon the subjects.

H.  Hypnosis and reincarnation memories, mass hypnosis and audience suggestion
Hypnosis - Do your research on hypnosis and you will a plethora of distressing problems thatwill probably leave you in a quandary.
Reincarnation memories - These generally come through children that have been hypnotized and have been asked to regress back beyond their birth. Although the accounts and answers given may seem plausible, even to the point of being given in the different language of the past life, the dialects and features of the language are modern, which implies that the accounts are not genuine.
Mass hypnosis -
Audience suggestion and participation -

I.   Automatic writing
Automatic writing - Also known as psychography, it is claimed to be the ability to receive and automatically write down psychic messages or stories unconsciously. The sources for the narration are claimed to be Jesus, angels, or people from the past. The bottom line is that there is no way to tell whether the source for the writing is the person or coming from outside the person, and overwhelmingly, investigation and analysis suggest fraud.

J.   Reverse speech analysis and falsity and lie detection
Reverse speech analysis - This supposedly is a method for detecting lying and falsity when a person is speaking at length. Their address is recorded, and then played in reverse. The nebulous sound stream made while playing recordings of speech in reverse generally make no sense until there is a suggestion as to how to hear it or what to hear in it. Even if you can hear the semblance of something meaningful, it does NOT follow that when your "hear" something incompatible with what the person is saying it is always a valid sign of prevarication. I am aware of no mechanism or basis to authenticate this claimed phenomenon, and it is probably pure bunkum.

K.  Channeling communication from departed souls
Channeling communication -

L.  Clairvoyance, remote and/or past viewing
Clairvoyance - Some extensive studies in controlled, laboratory experiments have shown that ostensibly clairvoyant people cannot improve upon the odds in recognizing letters, numbers or basic, common symbols that are printed prominently on cares that are not optically visible to them. This may be because they have no native clairvoyant ability, or it MAY be that the scientific, laboratory environment suppresses this ability.
Remote viewing -
Past viewing -

M.  Angel and/or apparition appearance
Angel and/or apparition appearance -

N.  Devil or demon possession, exorcism/deliverance ministry
Demon possession - This phenomenal idea is the product of a false paradigm, one that has been discarded by enlightened societies. Back in the time of Jesus it was believed that demons, both good and bad, controlled human behavior, and thus we have the word "demonstrate". Now we would say the problem has been resolved rather than say that the evil demon has been cast out. This paradigm was always and ever a fundamental basis or form of abdicating human responsibility.
Exorcism/deliverance ministry - Generally the "healing" is a psychological or psychosomatic one, and often just caring and paying loving attention provides at least a temporary cure. For those that have been "delivered" it is not surprising that the results are almost always temporary. The concept that so-called demons would be so susceptible to psychosomatic drugs is incompatible with the paradigm.

O.  Telekinesis or psycho kinesis
Telekinesis - Over the years of investigation of the claims–like spoon bending–, apparently they have generally been thoroughly debunked.

P.  Glossolalia or speaking in tongues
Glossolalia - There is no real support in the New Testament for speaking gibberish as a sign of being converted to a believer. The two or three verses that are used to justify such a thing are badly translated, and the word tongue should rather read "language" or "way", as in "speaking in a new way". To think that a believer would act like a frenzied, babbling monkey is deplorable. Rather it is the product of a low form of temporary, insane release.

Q.  Curses, hexes and spells
Curses, hexes and spells - These have only the power imparted to them by the belief of the victim, and its influence on thinking and behavior.

R.  Déjà vu experience
Déjà vu experience - Almost everyone has this experience at one time or another.

S.  Cross-connected sensory experience
Cross connected sensory experience - Evidently, some people have their sensory system somewhat cross connected, and they can taste or smell tonal notes or colors.

T.  Personal colored auras
Personal colored auras - Some people claim to see people surrounded by colored auras, but these cannot be seen by other people nor can they be detected with optical equipment. The most plausible explanation is the viewer gets a readout on the personality type, and the viewer's mind projects a color coded aura symbolizing the type upon the subject.

U. The gift of healing
The gift of healing - There have been a few cases of apparently natural and real healing power exhibited by individuals who discover their ability, but this healing efficacy may be limited to psychosomatic illnesses, and it can fade and disappear over time. Read the book The Reluctant Healer.

V.  Fever and/or drug induced hallucinations and psychedelic experience
Induced hallucinations - Sometimes a high fever can initiate loss of consciousness and very unpleasant, mind numbing hallucination. It is well established that a variety of drugs can either suppress manic feelings and behavior or deliver exotic psychedelic experiences.

W. Spontaneous psychic receiving of messages for neighbors and friends
Spontaneous psychic receiving - Such "receivings" may be a mild form of hallucination, and cannot be disassociated or separated from actual knowledge of the affair or issue and one's own opinion or advice.

X. Fortune telling, palm reading
Fortune telling - Just being around another person for a while, seeing how they are dressed, noting their expressions, manners and style, listening to their speech, asking innocuous questions, etc., can give an astute, practiced person a world of inference and information that enables them to make educated and plausible sounding narratives and guesses.
Palm reading - There MAY some correlation between the lines on the palms and a persons psychosomatic makeup. For instance, there is a known correlation with the length of the fourth finger being longer than the index finger being associated with heightened sexuality for these individuals.

Y.  Visitation by Incubus or Succubus
Visitation by Incubus or Succubus - A common experience: while asleep, a spontaneous, vivid  sexual dream involving copulation with a sexual partner called an incubus or succubus.

Z.  Spontaneous ecstasy and euphoria
Spontaneous ecstasy and euphoria - Many people have one or two times in their growing years when they are overwhelmed by a spontaneous feeling of ecstasy, euphoria or well being that is so profound that they remember it for life. This can probably be best explained by a confluence of weather ionic content and positive developments in life with an attendant release of hormones and endorphins.

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