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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Updated: 07/09/2019

Site information/statistics:

The site has well over 600 articles/pages about what are considered to be the most important subjects, most written by the site owner/author with many of the others by colleagues. Just over 100 articles are directed at mythology inspired by ancient planetary catastrophe. over 50 articles are devoted to cosmology, and about 40 to geophysics. A handful of articles are devoted to archaeology, about 40 to chronology, 1 to word definitions with 40 items, 10 to word descriptions, 9 to linguistics, 5 to biology, and 28 to paradigms.

It is organized into 3 dozen sections or categories of subjects, plus one for site navigation and one for fun items.

It has the 4 pages listed at the bottom of the header above, which are designed to help the reader prioritize, navigate, and find certain articles or passages of interest.

The site author's conclusions are buried in the miscellaneous folder under the title of Personal Conclusions

Voice communication is heavily nuanced by tone, inflections and emphasis. When you are writing in a conversational manner, these aspect do NOT COME THROUGH. To help add dimension to the writing, the convention is used—as it just has—to capitalize emphasized words. Certain sentences and short passages—such as this one—are in bold to distinguish them as more important or notable.

Site article authors:

Acheson, Amy - Echoes of Saturn
Acheson, Mel - Reflections on the “Deep Impact” Anniversary, Wrong, or Blind, The Fingers of God, Error Probes, Truth Probes, AND Space Probes, The Ornament Not Seen, A Galactic Fairy Ring, Vampire Astronomy - The Mystery of Chicxulub Crater, Hole in the Ground
Akenson, Donald H. - Surpassing Wonder
Appleyard, Bryan - Understanding the Present
Armstrong, Michael - IFISEEUS site author
Arp, Halton - Hubble Telescope Release Challenged

Becker, Ernest - The Terror of Death
Berringer, Robert
-  - Ancient Civilisations: Six Great Enigmas
Bass, Robert W.
- Age Limits of the Earth's Biosphere
Billington, Michael O.  - Confucianism and "Imago Viva Dei"
Bishop, Forrest - Life Development Sequence on Earth
Bond, E.J.(Ted) - Structuralism Rebutted

Cahill, Thomas - What was Lost
Chang, Kenneth
- A Challenge to Papers on Growth of Dinosaurs
Chapman, Glen W.
- The Julesrod Artifact Collection of Acambaro Mexico
Cardona, Dwardu - The Problem of The Frozen Mammoths, Terrestrial Gravitational Anomalies, The Religious Big Bang, Solar System Capture, Babel & Confusion of Tongues, Interview Regarding the Golden Age, The Saturn Capture Question, The Demands of the Saturn Theory, The Saturn Hypotheses, A World With One Season I & II, The Original Star of Dawn
Cochrane, Ev - In Search of Moses, Velikovsky Defense, The Meaning of  Myth, The Many Faces of Venus Introduction, Mars Rocks in Ancient Myth and Modern Science, The Science of Comparative Method
Cremo, Michael, Human Devolution

Dalrymple, William - Giving the Bible a Bashing
Dudley, H.C. - The Personal Tragedy of Albert Einstein
Durant, Will - Schopenhauer

Ferguson, Marilyn - A Holographic World
Fountain, Henry
- Dig in Peru finds earliest city known in Americas
Frazier, Wade - Motivation for False Dogma

Galernter, David - The Closing of the Scientific Mind
Gibran, Kahlil
- Kahlil Gibran on Law
Goldberg, Jeff
- The Empty Mirror
Goleman, Daniel
- Emotional Impact of Disaster
Greenberg, Lewis M
. - Cosmology and Psychology, From Microcosm to Macrocosm, Phobia, Amnesia, and the Psyche, Schizophrenia and the Fear of World Destruction, The Sun of Night Velikovsky, Saturn and the Story of Jesus
Griffard, David - Myth, Mandala and the Collective Unconscious
Grinnell, George
- The Origins of Modern Geology

Hart, Will - Ancient Civilisations: Six Great Enigmas
Hawkes, Nigel
- Woodhenge Find Rivals Stone Circles

Heinberg, Richard - The Garden, the Fall, the Restoration, Catastrophe, Collective Trauma, and the Origin of Civilization
Heinsohn, Gunnar - AD Chronology and 8th Century Palestine, The Restoration of Ancient History, The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel, Early History of the Israelite People: Biblical Fundamentalism in History (I & II), Chronology Reconstruction Discussion Issues
Herrell, V.S. - The Establishment Myth of Albert Einsteins's Genius
Hewsen, Robert H. - The Birth of Vahagn: an Armenian Vision of Celestial Catastrophe
Hissink, Pouis
- Euhemerism and Catastrophism
Holden, Ted - Megafauna and Present Weight/Size Limits

Jaynes, Julian - The Bicameral Mind, Origin of Consciousness Afterword
Jueneman, Frederic B.
  - The Origami of the Species
Juergens, Ralph E.
- Radiohalos and Earth History, Velikovsky and the Heat of  Venus

Kizziah, Nic - King James Bible Statistics

Landes, Richard - A study of apocalyptic expectations and the pattern of Western chronography 100 - 800 CE

Lebrecque, Alexander - The Credibility of the Testimony to Jesus’ Resurrection
Lexmagus - Lucifer Etymology
Luck, David - Myers' "Control System" and the Holocaust

Maccoby. Hyam - Christianity and Hellenistic religion
Marton, Alex - What is Uniformitarianism and how did it get here?
May, Joseph - A Brief Fable about Electromagnetism
Mayell, Hillary - "Mummified" Dinosaur Discovered In Montana
Mebane, Alexander - The Meaning of “E V O L U T I O N”, "Polygenesis" – Doubly but not Triply, True
Meynell, Hugo - A Philosophy for Interdisciplinary Studies
Myers, John V. - Sin and the Control System, Theomachy in the Theater

Niebuhr, Gustav - The Bible, as History, Flunks New Archaeological Tests, Four Proposed Sources for the Pentateuch
Niemitz, H.. - The Problem of The Frozen Mammoths
Nunes dos Santos, Arysio - Atlantis

Ostling, Richard H.  - Scholar Touts Oldest Link to Jesus, Jefferson's Rationalist Bible
Overbye, Dennis - Free Will: Now You Have It, Now You Don't

Perry, THomas Alan - The New Science of  Immanuel Velikovsky
Peterson, Merrill D.
- Jefferson and Religious Freedom
Phillips, Jeff  - Who are the Cetaceans?: Cetaceans as People
Plaisted, David
- The Mutation Problem

Recer, Paul  - Fossils in arctic hint at much hotter past
Rensberger, Boyce
- Skeletons Suggest Caucasoid Early Americans
Ryx, Svi - The Great Terror
Roy, S.B.
- Chronological Ankylosis

Saldarini, Anthony J. - Editing the Word of God
Sawyer, Kathy - Scientists take a warped view of time, space
Scott, Donald - Olber's Paradox, Stars: Nuclear or Electric?

Seok, Kyong-Hwa - Korean monks power struggle turns violent
Sheldrake, Rupert - Telepathy
Sheler. Jeffery L
. - Graying of the prophets

Singh, Thoudam Damodara - Life Comes from Life
Sizemore, Warner B
. - Cosmology and Psychology, From Microcosm to Macrocosm, The Sun of Night, Schizophrenia and the Fear of World Destruction

Sniechowski, James - A Call to Consciousness
Staelin, Earl - Microbes in Geology
Starr, Tama
- Reactionary Feminism
Suddock, Sally
- Ancient tomb captured the Sun & Moon
Swanson, Ana - Why the Industrial Revolution?

Talbott, David - The Comet and the Chicago Fire I & II 7 III, Why Care About Myth?, The Mythic Roots of Language, Human Nature and Saturnian Ritual, By Jove: Sorting Out Names of Suns and Planets, The Myth of the Central Sun, Conjunction Themes, Cosmic Symbols, Labyrinth & Fortress of the Gods, The Golden Age, Interview Regarding the Golden Age, The Myth of the Golden Age, The Logic of Historical Evidence, Heroes of the Iliad, The Localization of the Warrior-Hero, Male Gods, Memories and Symbols of Planetary Upheaval, Mercury in Mythology Myth as Foundation, The Importance of Valid Myth Interpretation, Patterns of Human Memory, From Myth to Model, On the Plausibility of Myth, Natural References of Myth, The One Story Told Around the World, The Polar Configuration and Cosmic Thunderbolt, Ground Rules for Reconstructing Ancient Events, The Revolving Crescent on Saturn, Sacrifice and Amnesia, The Serpents of Creation, The Thunderbolt as Myth and Symbol, Thundergods and Celestial Marvels, Thunderbolts of the Gods, A Unified Theory, The White Crown, On the Reliability of Human Witnesses, World Mountain, The Universal Monarch, The Central, Polar Sun I & II & III & IV, Reconstructing the Saturn Model, The Saturn Theory Overview I & II & III & IV & V, The Saturn Myth, The Ultimate Argument for the Polar Configuration, The Terrifying Glory of Venus, Velikovsky and Planetary Catastrophe, Velikovsky's Comet Venus I thru XIV, The Warring Goddess Athena
Talbott, Stuart - The World Won't End The Way You've Been Told, Velikovsky's Ghost Returns, The Science Versus Religion Hoax
Tavir, Michel - Patterns of Human Memory
Terry, John
- Rise, fall of Joshua takes others down, too
Thornhill, Wallace
- Electric Sun Skeptics, Europa Prediction, Fallacies of Gravitation, The Absurdity of Neutron Stars, Planet Birthing, Planet Birthing: More Evidence, Seeing Red about Red Shift, Squashed Star Flattens Solar Theory, The Sahara's Abrupt Desertification
Tresman, Ian - Plasma: The other 99.9%

van der Locht, Louis - New Evidence for Quasar Ejection
van der Sluijs, Marinus Anthony - What the Experts Say,  Male Gods
Velikovsky, Immanuel - Olympia, The Worship of the Moon, Introgenesis
Vey, Gary - 3,800-Year-Old Global Alphabet
Vorhees, Duane - Immanuel Velikovsky: A Short Biography

Wertheim, Margaret - Foreword from Pythagoras' Trousers
Wescott, Roger W.
- Puzzles of Prehistory
Whelton, Clark - Velikovsky's "The Dark Age of Greece", First Millennium AD discussion, Velikovsky, Fundamentalism, and the Revised Chronology, Arctic Climate Changes, The Worship of Jupiter
Wilford, John Noble - Egyptologists find earliest use of ABC’s

Zwemer, Jack D. - The Destiny of Man