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“I’m deeply disappointed in my species...Think of how stupid the average
person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
- George Carlin

The Bergamo Protest
by Michael Armstrong
Updated: 08/24/2020

The idea that Saturn was an early sun for the earth and its inhabitants was introduced in  modern times effectively by Immanuel Velikovsky, and fairly quickly endorsed and supported by other scholars. However, most scholars and scientists just trashed it with undisguised disdain and rancor.

Given the numerous and stupendous questions that lack sufficient answers outside of the Saturnian paradigm, given how truly ignorant we are, given the enormous amount of evidence surrounding Saturn in ancient times and our own, why not keep an open mind and hold off on preclusive or negative criticism? Why not stop short of trashing something huge like this paradigm change and give it some time? Why not just humbly enumerate aspects of it that are thought to be incompatible with current knowledge, aspects that aren’t adequately understood, etc., instead of denouncing it as infeasible and indefensible? But no: those adorable dogmatic defenders of the faith–both religious and scientific–cannot do this with any serious challenge to their belief system.

I remember my experience of being exposed to the Saturnian Reconstruction back in 1994. I had 40 years of interest in astronomy and knew a fair amount about basic gravitational celestial mechanics. I also had 40 years worth of loosely accumulated hints that there was something special about Saturn in ancient times. This new material and paradigm didn’t engender a flood of objections in my mind but rather opened the floodgates for feasible answers to huge questions that had been building up about the big picture of the human condition on the earth. I have since believed that the objections could all be overcome with adjustments and more knowledge, and Immanuel Velikovsky, David Talbott, Dwardu Cardona, Wal Thornhill, et al, including myself, have consistently supplied such supporting information.

I think back to that time and remember that the learned professor Irving Wolfe tried to talk me out of my acceptance. I remember that Victor Clube wouldn’t talk about it. I remember that Vine Deloria, Charles Ginenthal, Tom van Flandern, Henry Bauer. et al, thought it was a load of falsity. At the time, these scholars all "knew too much that wasn’t so."

Back in 2000[*] CE The province of Lombardy, Italy, was in the mode of hosting at the University of Milano/Bergamo an annual symposium consisting of arcane science and scholarship. The 4 day event that year was organized by a world class mathematician working at the university who had developed an interest in planetary catastrophism and the Saturnian scenario, and had invited many familiar names, such as Halton Arp, Tom van Flandern, Charles Ginenthal, Victor Clube, Mike Baillie, Robert Schoch, etc., and a bunch of other people with esoteric ideas. He also invited David Talbott to come and lecture, but I went in his place to give the basic Saturnian introductory presentation material.

Mel and Amy Acheson were over there attending with me, and we suffered through 3 days of largely incredible, bad ideas and stupefying material covering a wide range of topics, some of which were philosophical/theological. No one in the audience emitted a peep of protest. Of course, some of it was worthwhile, especially Halton Arp’s findings, but most of it was extreme garbage. On the last day it was my turn to present up in the university at Bergamo. We gave our presentations that day in a 15th century building and room in the high city section called cita alta.

In contrast to the tolerance exhibited in the three previous days, some in that audience found the material I presented so offensive that they stood up and shouted at the director, and excoriated him for exposing them to this level of falsity, and a fight just about broke out.

Go figure! These people are living in the “Land of Saturn”, their language is saturated with Saturnian terms, their capitol city was originally called Saturnia, their first and original temple was the temple of Saturn, their major holiday festival is known as "the Saturnalia", and they are immersed in the symbolisms and surrounded by every sort of imaginable connection in their statuary and archetcture, yet making real sense out of it all is the very last thing they want.

At the speaker's banquet, Mike Baillie the dendro-chronologist from the British Isles looked at me with scorn like I was a detestable insect! Only the geologist Robert Schoch came up to me afterwards and expressed an interest in learning more.

I submit that this is a typical yet eye-opening incident that speaks to the intense denial of the human race. Most do NOT want to get in touch with reality, but want to sleep in their ignorance, especially when it comes to ancient astral catastrophes.

Since that incident 40 years ago, the Saturnian Reconstruction of ancient times has been enlarged and fleshed out to an overwhelming degree to where most people are incapable of even canvassing all the evidence, and it has been more widely accepted.

[*] In the socially accepted C.E. chronology; probably closer to 1270 in a properly revised chronology.

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