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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"What most call freedom is bondage with a longer chain." - Steve Marshall

Assessment Criteria for Cults
Updated: 01/17/2020

We live in a new world of high speed internet communication, and it is estimated that there are about a billion websites. Many of these sites are for science, religion, and business and some are hawking various products. Many others are promoting programs for self improvement, political positions, monetary enrichment schemes, and fantastic ideas. Some of the more tantalizing ideas are those of some sort of secret or empowerment program that delivers one from unwanted aspects of the human condition.

Some of the "gurus" proposing these have written books and have a somewhat effective promotional organization and actually have a small but loyal following.

The promoters sometimes rather nakedly imply that empowerment and escape from our current human condition is available through some ancient way, the Vedic way, the Hindic way, the Mayan way or some other version. All well and good but we find no mention of the elements of godlike wisdom, character, purpose and values–love, nobility, mercy, equality, honesty, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, courage, humility, reason, etc.,–that are the real engenderers of more deeply intimate, satisfying and fulfilling human lives and relationships.

And where is the focus on unity of purpose, values and paradigm that are so necessary to a healed reality and its unfolding where there is no discord, and greater and greater increase of morale is delivered to the sons and daughters of God? How many of these "ways" must be taken on a leap-in-the-dark faith rather than an embracing through an intellectually responsible understanding? Where are any significant tangible, apprehensible results available to assay or witness? Where is there any demonstration that is inspiring to a careful, critical thinker?

Of course, one hallmark of some of these new "religions" is that engaging in reasoning or critical thinking is a deal killer, or at best is just one not recommended and lonely path among many. And often these cultic movements don't even talk about God, which–guess what?–tends to make their leader an idol or the supreme being by default.

A charismatic, personable and/or powerful presence/presentation is not enough to awaken MY faith in any man that implies he is the embodiment of a savior of the world without these substantive dimensions. They usually control–whether this control is heavy-handed or just clever–an organization that turns on THEIR decisions. Historically, this kind of leadership is sought for power and control, for ego fulfillment.

So! Not for me! Not even IF there ARE elements of empowerment available. I want it ALL, AND I CAN’T BELIEVE IT CAN BE DELIVERED BY AN ORGANIZATION OF UNCRITICAL FAITH AND FOLLOWERS!

We should agree that the world needs a spiritual wakening to the truth, a universal healing, and a restoration to the unfallen condition that was planned and initiated by the creator; to a reality and environment that goes way beyond just a restoration to the Golden Age. The life and message of the J-person was a foundation or cornerstone that one can build on for one’s concepts of ideal reality because it was a demonstration and elucidation of equality, forgiveness, nobility, mercy, compassion, humility and non-judgmental acceptance of humans as having eternal and infinite value. It came with many examples of tangible healing, even when that threatened the greater import of his message or the effectiveness of his ministry.

You may want to review the basic package of what we really need and want, that I have winnowed out of our common innermost soul, by quickly visiting the aspects of the IFISEEKUS package in the header above. It must be noted that out of all these subsuming  facets, the last one that we should want delivered is empowerment, because we wouldn’t want that until we are ready to handle it–in freedom–with responsibility.

It is suggested that the above criteria be applied to any consideration of joining ANY movement, especially one that is led by a charismatic or flamboyant leader.

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