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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"One of the reasons, I believe, that knowledge is in a state of useless overproduction is that it is strewn all over the place, spoken in a thousand competitive voices. Its insignificant fragments are magnified all out of proportion, while its major and world-historical insights lie around begging for attention.
There is no throbbing, vital center." - Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death.

Symbols: Cosmic Aspects of Their Origin

This article is submitted in the spirit of knowing that a certain measure of ignorance of a subject including positing things that aren't quite right is better than knowing things that substantially aren't true.


The premise being put forth here is that the ancient humans on earth lived peacefully in an Edenic environment under the earlier steady and benign Saturnian sun. Their era was essentially timeless, without days and nights nor seasons. Given telepathic capability, they had no need for symbols, verbal language, writing, technology nor many tools, since they lived as harvesters in a world of plenty. It was like a long vacation of leisure where the focus was on pleasure seeking.

While their low energy sun and their low gravity world—which was ensconced within Saturn's glow event horizon—were drifting quietly through space and riding on a sustaining Birkeland current, they had few needs and fewer problems. They had little to no need for anything artificial, including clothes, tools, utensils, dwelling structures and weapons. They probably had games and sports but no balls, bats, racquets, etc. Injuries and medical problems were almost nonexistent, partly due to an effective field of gravity only about 25% of what it is now. Conception or pregnancy was under the control of the will rather than by just chance. The Golden Age, almost heaven!


But then this system drifted into closer contact with the much more electrically powerful Solar System and breached the helio-pause. Saturn then began to flare up into a nova, and disgorge plasma and muddy material. The denizens of the earth were suddenly subjected to devastation from their erstwhile benevolent source of energy. In a series of flare-ups and emissions, untold numbers of men and animals were smashed, drowned, starved blinded, burnt, and irradiated with harmful to lethal ionizing radiation. The ecology and environment were ruined, never to fully recover to its previous Edenic status. Macroscopic life forms on the earth were decimated, and the concomitant trauma to all aspects of human life and the associated dramatic forms seen in the sky were burned into our collective consciousness.

These powerful symbols include all the major religious ones—the cross, swastika, star of David, yin yang,, star and crescent, the Ankh—and many others that are global in scope. Various weird shapes of plasma formations are documented with countless petroglyphs on all the inhabited continents, and are reflected in the "alien" Neolithic art themes. Probably the most common outside of the ones just mentioned was the "squatter man". See: Memories of Squatter Man  and  Chinese Longevity Symbol.

The fantastical ancient mythological beasts no doubt also have their foundation in the plasma forms seen in the sky. These include the Cyclops, dragons, chimeras, Gorgon, Griffin, Hydra, manticore, Medusa, Minotaur, the Nemean Lion, Pegasus, Phoenix, thunderbird, Typhon, and many others,

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