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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Context of Imminency
Updated: 12/29/2020

The term "imminent" does not mean immediate nor is it compatible with a frustrating delay, but denotes that time is neither the controlling factor nor the primary concern, and the delay should be inconsequential in the face of this factor of imminency.

The idea that Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection set up another god-ordained 2000 years[*] of human misery and woe is absurd. Almost everything that Jesus talked about was imminent and what he said had a sense of immediacy. Only AFTER he saw that his message was not being understood in its fullness BY ANYONE, in its full goodness, did Jesus prophesy about an event that took place approximately 35 years later. That was the end of both the political and religious temple-centric ages culminating in the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.

He is clearly saying in several places that he BROUGHT the Kingship of the heavens with his resurrection. All of his statements about coming again were made PRIOR to his death and had an imminent, literal application, which was fulfilled for the disciples at that time by his resurrection and return to them for the forty days. He was NEVER making any sweepingly prolonged prophecies. He literally came to save the World then and there, if his followers would listen and co-operate in the salvation of themselves and the Cosmos (designed system of everything). There is nothing very good about news that it was going to take another 2000 years[*] and who knows how much more to accomplish.

Fixed Chronological Agenda

To believe in a fixed chronological agenda incorporating that 2000 years is to deny the real intended impact and the real goodness of the message of Jesus and his actions and accomplishments toward an imminent resolution. Jesus told Thomas, who demanded absolute tangible proof of the resurrection before he would believe the clear message of Jesus, "Thomas, seeing, NOW you believe? Blessed are those who believe and do not see!" Those words now looked forward to a group of people who would believe the truth about God based upon its goodness and because it was backed up by the historical crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus even though it would be disassociated from some kind of further tangible demonstration. There just can't be any greater tangible demonstration than his life, crucifixion and resurrection. Can we not hear him urging his true followers to labor for the food that never perishes, which he identifies with understanding his message, and by so doing understanding the Father?

The Father agency is not in the business of reprogramming human entities, treating us as programmable meat sticks! They are in the business of inspiring us to choose to believe the very best about Him and becoming supreme sons and daughters. And the very best about God is not that he had a fixed chronological agenda involving another 2000 years of human suffering and woe. Anyone who steadfastly clings to such a concept of God's plan has demonstrated that they are hopelessly entangled in "capital S" Sin; which is choosing to believe that God is not as good as is the real case, and that his intentions toward the human race are less than ideal based upon our internal reference point, our liberated, unadulterated, unfettered, untrammeled idealism.

Christendom has spent all these more than a dozen centuries listening to and making sacred the words of other men who are always willing to dilute the impactful immediacy and goodness to cover their own failure to understand. These men miss the message of Jesus and his demonstration of God's posture toward us as being equals and being co-operators in the salvation of the Cosmos. Over and over again Jesus pleaded with his followers to listen to HIM in contrast with traditional belief and other men. Why not do it?

[*]  The 2000 years is the approximate value within the existing standard chronology. The value would be around 1300 years in the revised chronology favored by this site. Still a time much too long.

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