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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Often what is NOT known overwhelms the level of what IS known.

Crucial Knowledge Jesus Didn't Share
Updated: 05/23/2021

Information about, cures/remedies for cardiovascular diseases, diverticulosis, Parkinson's disease, Crohn's disease, nutritional deficiency disease like Scurvy, Beri-Beri, osteoporosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, inflammation, gastro-intestinal and related systemic diseases, Alzheimer's disease, congestive cardiomyopathy, ad nauseam. Importance of key vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, importance of deep diaphram breathing and breathing through the nose.

For centuries and maybe two millennia, long naval voyages were problematic because of dietary deficiencies resulting in scurvy. Complete recovery from incipient scurvy takes less than two weeks with adequate vitamin C from any number of fruits–citrus fruits, peppers, etc. IF at the beginning of his ministry Jesus had gone to the naval authorities of Phoenicia and Rome and just convinced them to carry certain foods and require their consumption by the sailors, within three years he could have been heralded as a hero and prevented two millennia of misery caused the this easily preventable disease. WHY did the ostensible creator of the universe not at least drop a few nuggets like this to alleviate some of the needless human problems and misery?.

Every Christian that I know of would agree that God has all knowledge, and that Jesus while on earth had access to that knowledge. Certainly, the thinking would be that God comprehends the various facets of science in all the various disciplines, including those of bio-science that so very much affect our physical vitality and health. Doesn't it border on being inexcusable or dereliction of humanitarian duty to not share at least SOME of that knowledge and insight? What man of good conscience and good will would fail to do this?

Also, every Christian that I know of would say that Jesus cared about our health and the quality of our lives on earth. Seventh Day Adventists call their Health Message Outreach the second arm of the Gospel. It is generally acknowledged that Jesus didn't want us to suffer, which seems to be affirmed by the many various organic healing miracles that he performed. It is pretty clear that many or most of the miracles were ultimately distractiong from his greater message and had little or no lasting effect upon the spiritual life or belief system of the recipient. Given that, WHY did he perform miracles of healing that at best  gave a temporary surcease to physical maladies but failed to have a far greater lasting effect upon the wider and future population of the world?

In just the last two hundred and fifty years, modern science and technology, including hygienic, nutritional and agricultural science, has TRIPLED the lifespan of primitive cultures around the world including those of two LARGE CONTINENTS!!! When did  Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, ever do THAT?

The premise is that IF Jesus expected or even anticipated anything like modern Christendom or the Christian church and its practices, he would have given us instructions concerning these various aspects. But not a word!

Important Questions

A VERY important question to ask: If Jesus knew or expected his followers to live out their normal limited lifetimes and then die for centuries or millennia into the future, why did he NOT say ANYTHING about these two dozen facets of Christendom or the more than a hundred important aspects of life listed in the link below listing 170 significant areas of life? In the face of him advising his followers to carry weapons (See: Preparing for Trouble) at that time after his departure, couldn't he have forestalled much confusion, angst and disagreement in the community of his followers by giving us his insightful advice on many more such matters that affect the Christian experience and the sustenance and quality of life?

He didn't urge his followers to:

  1. Develop a New Testament
  2. Develop new prophets
  3. Continue to observe the Sabbath holidays
  4. Feature the Ten Commandments as foundation
  5. Focus on behaving according to the Decalogue
  6. Build churches, temples or cathedrals
  7. Develop or elect religious leaders or clergy
  8. Develop levels of Priests and Orders
  9. Develop religious organizations
  10. Give more offerings
  11. Faithfully attend the religious services
  12. Pray more
  13. Fast or fast more
  14. Study  and learn the scriptures better
  15. Become celibate and remain single
  16. Get married: have children
  17. Develop sacraments, rites and ceremonies
  18. Develop liturgy
  19. Develop sacred music
  20. Develop sacred art
  21. Carve or sculpt more religious statues
  22. Give children a Christian education
  23. Develop evangelistic programs
  24. Develop missionary outreach programs
  25. Become socially or culturally involved
  26. Develop a health and welfare ministry.
  27. Become politically involved

See also: 170 significant areas of life NOT addressed: Why Jesus Didn't Say

What Jesus Did Advise

Well then, what WAS his focus, subject, and overriding concern? What did he have to say that was so important as to make all these other issues unworthy of counsel? See: What to Do, Understanding God, Jesus on Unity

[*]  Approximately 1300 years in the revised chronology

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