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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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The vast majority of prayers are misguided or meaningless, and are unfulfilled. These generally request things or developments that are premature to understanding the Gospel truth, that are not authorized, that are not under God's control, that would be counterproductive, or that God cannot do without violating the eternal principles and ethics.

The Lord's Prayer
Updated: 10/03/2020

The "Lord's Prayer" is found in both Matthew and Luke. Although they are somewhat different in the order of the sentiments, the one in Matthew incorporates all of what is in Luke. Here is the one in Matthew 6:9-13:

Therefore you would pray like this:

Our Father in the heavens,
may your authority be honored,
may your kingship come,
may your will be accomplished
also on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Provide for us today our daily sustenance[*].
And dismiss our obligations
as we also dismiss those obligations to us.
And do not let us come into temptation,
but rescue us from the evil.
The kingship, the power, and the glory for the ages are because of you!
So be it.

Commentary: Upon close thoughtful examination, this prayer make perfect sense. The content, its limitation, and even the format of this prayer, have significant implications and ramifications.

One major implication, along with the fact that they are not honored or fulfilled by God, is that the vast majority of prayers are misguided and meaningless. They generally ask for things or developments that are premature to understanding the Gospel and truth, things or developments that are not authorized, developments not under God's control, or things or developments that would be counterproductive, or things or developments that God cannot do without violating the eternal principles and ethics. This prayer has none of that!

Another implication is that this prayer is for those that already have humbled themselves as to how little they know and understand, and that have prayed for the inauguration in themselves of the God Spirit and thus have found themselves on the path to understanding ALL the truth.

Three Desire Sentiments

The prayer begins with three desire sentiment statements followed by the four valid requests that are introduced. The person that understands the truth will appreciate the validity of these SIGNIFICANT major things, and that for them, these things ARE AUTHORIZED.

First Valid Request

The provision of daily sustenance is of course foundational and its need is unequivocal. This aspect CANNOT go unfulfilled or it all falls down!

Second Valid Request

The progression of growth in the true seeker of truth, those that recognize the demonstration of God, is that first the seeker apprehends the truth, then understands it more fully, sees the beauty, elegance and compelling motivation of it, and finally settles into it, really believes it. When this progression is well under way, THEN can the candidate begin to naturally dismiss the transgressions or obligations of others.

Third Valid Request

The third request can be translated as "And do not bring us into being tested." Of course the Father does NOT test anyone, but the world we live in provides more than enough tests and temptations. Temptations to doubt or for being distracted or sidetracked are always there, as well as temptations of being unethical or profligate. Thankfully, these lose their allure in the light of what is being imminently offered. What is of more moment is the aspect of being tested to such an agonizing degree that we just lose it. We don't want to face that, nor should we.

Final Valid Request

Finally, in the light of our victimhood, our being enmeshed in the "human condition", the deliverance from the evil is the essence, the bottom line of the good news. We all want and ultimately deserve to live in a perfect universe free of evil where we enjoy the entire package of the Kingship of the Heavens elucidated by IFISEEKUS.

When the paradigm of the Gospel and the picture of truth is realized, this prayer can be seen as simply and elegantly covering the basics of what we all want and need from the creator of the universe.

[*] This word is usually translated as "bread", but often symbolizes the necessities for life maintenance, and obviously means the latter here in this passage.

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