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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Psychoanalysts assure us that cruelty, however wanton it may appear to its victims, is always motivated and that its primary motive is usually fear. - Roger W. Wescott

The Punishment of God
Updated: 06/08/2021

Punishment definition: Willfully imposed pain and suffering by some agency to counteract and prevent unethical or unwelcome behavior.

I have some good and bad news. God is NOT in the punishment business. That is the "good" part of the news. What is the bad part? God is NOT in the punishment business! Let me explain.

We all agree that for wrong behavior in the physical realm, the downside is automatic; something goes wrong, something gets damaged, and there is perforce a price to be paid. Without over complicating it, the laws of physics are not flexible nor in the least forgiving. Violation of the physical principles brings an automatic bad result and God doesn't purpose or need to inflict the less than desirable result or any further punishment. We don't think that God sits up there and decides WHEN to enforce physical law, do we? This is not rocket science!

What about in the moral or ethical realm? Since in our fallen state, we often perceive that it is to our benefit to do something unethical, which means that someone else gets hurt or pays the price. To counteract this uncaring, dishonorable and destructive behavior, human societies have universally constructed systems of law backed up by punishment of one kind or another. The punishment does NOT happen automatically but is willfully imposed, and is generally intended to fit the scope of the violation or crime. In our world, this system "works" far from perfectly, and is easily corrupted to where the best competitive predators actually use the system against the prey! Thus the bad news that some all-knowing, incorruptible agency is not in charge of this major aspect of life on earth.

The above quote by Roger Westcott--one of the truly great thinkers and scholars of the modern era--SHOULD be enough to eliminate the unfallen human beings as a source of physical punishment.

See: Definition of Divine

Godhood is not motivated by fear, Godhood is in the mercy and forgiveness business and does NOT enjoy delivering punishment, nor is Godhood subordinate to some larger than God law or justice system. Being in a state of Godhood is being free to do what we like.

How to explain the principles, what really happens in the unfallen realm? The unfallen are in control and have nothing to fear in terms of their own personal well-being. They cannot feel threatened, and NEVER need to resort to inducing fear in others. Fear is the opposite of worship, and they NEVER cross the line of inflicting punishment. The [evil circumstances are ALWAYS the result of losing empowerment by being perverse and losing control of being empowered. The evil experienced  always comes sooner or later.

In the final analysis, violation of the spiritual principles also always brings an undesirable result for us, if nothing more than keeping us under the human condition.

The great intellectual irresponsibility, sin if you will, of our ancestors was to interpret the devastating results of the ancient catastrophes as punishment from God when they were merely the result of earlier irresponsibility and the separation. All ancient mythologies are replete with this false theme, including the Old Testament. God is in the healing business, pure and simple, but is also NOT into enabling us to continue destructive thinking and a destructive course.

"Liberation is to come when the purely mechanistic nature of the catastrophic agents is recognized.  Man will then see that there was no question of punishment or aggression because the agents were not beings motivated to punish or destroy ... [and he] will have to keep casting [his] ancestors in the role of fools of the cosmos." - William Mullen

When Yeshua was on the earth, he obviously pushed the limits of the mercy principle in healing ALL who asked, and not always with the best results. Only one of the ten lepers came back to thank him and interact some more. Amazing! It can be seen that the downside of this was that the people became focused not on his message of liberations, restoration, equality and empowerment but on the miracles, and most thought that physical healing in this life was as good as it gets. But his mercy overshadowed these and other concerns! Are we going to object or complain about this? Not me!

The Punishment of the Ages

Yeshua DID talk about the punishment of the ages, yet this does NOT mean LASTING for all time but just means the GREATEST of all time. It takes place after the resurrection at the end of our age, and is the time when, in the full light of truth and understanding, people will judge themselves and suffer the intense agony of regret and remorse according to the full measure of their behavior and impact in this life. This self punishment will probably be more severe than others would impose.

Hell and Eternal Damnation

The word and concept of Hell is a construct of morbid imagination by unhinged religious fanatics and fiction writers. There is NO term equivalent to the "Christian" concept of 'Hell' in the Gospels, and the only reference to anything somewhat equivalent is in the parable of "The Rich Man and Lazarus", a parable that has little or no authenticity and may not even have Yeshua as its source.

The idea of physical torture from God as punishment for "sinners" in addition to the suffering they have already experienced on this earth, being born into hapless victimhood, the aging and dying "that no man can hope to shun", is barbaric and macabre–so bizarre and absurd that it is a major insult not only to God but to a reasonable person's intelligence. Statements made by the J-person which referred to Gehenna, a literal canyon used as a refuse dump where the prophecy was literally fulfilled, are unjustifiably interpreted as Hell. The J-person's statements about Hades, a word that means "the unseen realm" are also unjustifiably interpreted or translated as Hell. Consequently, Yeshua gave NO support for this idea, NONE!

The Creator fashioned a perfect system for himself and for his fellow human beings to live within through all eternity, and our forefathers fouled it up. Take a good look at the result, if you can stand it. This violation imposed trauma and suffering not only on them and their ancestors, but on the whole universe. It rubbed everybody's nose in violence and excruciating ugliness. If this can be forgiven, ANYTHING can be forgiven! There is nothing undesirable that cannot be changed, healed, cured or forgiven within the context of the full understanding of the truth about God. The idea of eternal punishment is extremely barbaric and macabre, and is one of the ultimate manifestations of sin, that being missing the mark by holding a wrong concept of the character and soul of God.

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